The Presidential Debates

Thereís a lot of shouts from the podium already over the forthcoming U.S. Presidential elections.

From where I stand two things seem very clear (unless, of course, something very major happens between then and now):

1. President Bush may actually get elected (some people still donít think he was elected, they think he was politically decided due to the Florida problem and the fact that a Bush was involved there to some degree).

Right now President Bush is enjoying a fair amount of popularity among the masses, who are largely moderate to conservative. Heís successfully invaded a country (bigger than Granada). Heís lowered taxes (hey, mine are way down). Heís made sure we are properly defended (those Iraqi foot soldiers, jet pilots and submariners will never set foot on our soil in a take over, thatís for sure Ė we hope). He wants us to be on the Moon full time and even go to Mars (hey, Iím for that Ė really... Iíve been awfully worried the ESA and India would get there first and even wrote a story about it once).

Heís got New Yorkerís on his side (he cleaned up Afghanistan, theyíll never invade us again and knock down the Empire State Building, which is still standing). Heís got defense related people on his side. Heís got all the other Hawks on his side. Heís got every taxpayer on his side (he was very smart, he made sure the poor got some back, too).

So barring getting caught with his hand in the wrong cookie jar (something the Catholics and Democrats are famous for doing), President Bush will probably get re-elected and that could even happen by a nice size majority this time (but President Reagan doesnít have to worry much about his massive election majority record, I donít think the current President is that popular with the masses).

2. We may see a landmark with the Democrats possibly choosing a black to run as vice-president on their ticket. That, like what happened many years ago when a female got put on the ticket, is something that is highly likely and could even give President Bush a run for his money, but I still donít think it will help the Democrats get in to any degree, except maybe in one or both houses of Congress as it will get more votes out and those will help grass roots politicians.

As with the women VP it was a no-win race and I guess everyone knew it except me (I was the only one who voted for that guy Ė I donít even think him and her voted for the ticket that year, which, as I recall, was 49 states against and 1 state for and I didnít live in the state the went Democratic).

So, we can all now watch the yelling and shouting, most of which is just for show. If the Democrats are smart they might just want to nominate a black man or woman for the #2 slot. It will get them more votes, but still not enough to win against a President who lead a somewhat successful war effort.

Seriously, folks, the time is ripe for either a women Presidential candidate or a black man or woman going for first runner up. We need to do it to be PC in this progressive country. We need to show people in countries like India, Israel and the United Kingdom that we can do it, too! We can run a woman as president and she can win (maybe even in this century)! We can run a black on the ticket (we do need to give everyone an equal chance to be on the losing team, and for years itís been only white people who have been on either team)!

The Democrats need to do something this year if they want to make the Presidential race something other than ho-hum, otherwise President Bush may win by such a large majority that all those people whoíve been saying he wasnít really elected (yeah, like you, Dennis Miller, Jay Leno and David Letterman) wonít be able to make a joke about him anymore...

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The Presidential Debates

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