(Ain't Much Of A) Decision 2004

This year the United States is expected to elect a president for the first time in 8 years. I say that because the last election, which the current president won by decision from the courts which held that the state his brother was Governor, belonged to another Bush, even though the actual vote count was very, very close and some people think Gore should have gotten it (but even then we'd still have a Republic President -- remember, Tipper Gore IS the PMRC who labels music and arrests people for selling rap to 16 year old kids)!

To recap: A Republican Governor in Florida finds for his Republican Brother via his appointed croneys and the Republican, conservative majority Supreme Court agrees with that viewpoint. Yeah, that some impartial decision! That's democracy in action! (Sound a little like how Saddam Hussen's government used to work?)

Since President Bush took office he’s manage to undo everything President Clinton did to salvage our runaway budget.

Let’s face facts, President Clinton was, as I recall, the first president since President Nixon to balance the budget. Nixon did it be freezing wages and prices, while instituting a tax surcharge which he lifted after the budget got back on track.

When President Clinton left office we had a surplus in our treasury and were working on lowering our indebtedness (and fooling around with our interns).

Least anyone forget the United States is in hock up to its ears! We owe a trillion dollars, if not more, to bond holders which our children and grandchildren must pay off at some point in the future. We have borrowed into the future on Uncle Sam’s Master Card or Visa and, as one would expect, we are paying an enormous amount of periodic interest on that loan. If the world calls in our makers we have to call one of those 800 number credit counsellors to help us get our "credit card" addication under control!

What President Bush has done since he took office 4 years ago is to ask for our credit limit to be raised, gave back to the taxpayers all that surplus (all right, I admit I like that part of what he did, it's nice having a $7,500 minimum of income taxes) and more, and is now going off and charging war debts on Uncle Sam’s Master Card or Visa with the newly raised credit limit. President Bush tells us he’ll get this spending back under control by the year 2009 if we re-elect him (which, based on Harris Poll information I’ve seen, will probably happen). The U.S. is strongly conservative this year and President Bush is, so far, a war hero who lead us into battle against a vastly inferior enemy, apparently for no real good reason, and whooped their butts! The last person to do this was President Reagan, who did it in Granada, another vastly inferior enemy. Before that we were fighting in Vietnam under Democratic Presidents Johnson and Kennedy (who inherited it from Republican President Eisenhower) and we were getting out butts whooped!

President Bush and his various agencies were asleep at the wheel when 9-11 occurred. Oh, yes, asleep at the wheel. We had “intel” days before 9-11 telling us something was going to happen. We had police, FBI, NSA and CIA reports, as well as FAA and other reports that would lead anyone to look at what was going at, at least at the airplane training programs where the 9-11 terrorists were getting their lessons in flying a jumbo jet. I mean, let's face it. Would you give some guy name "Abdul" who hasn't shaved since yesterday and speaks broken English, a training course in flying a Boeing 767? Hey, why not train him to fly the Space Shuttle!? Am I being racist? No! I wouldn't train some toothless ding bat from the deep south with Red Hair and Freckles who does is 11 year old daughter nightly because his wife ain't givin' him any -- he wouldn't get lessons in flying a 767 either, and he's as American is apple pie! Let's face facts, I wouldn't give President Bush lessons in flying a 767! I wouldn't let him fly a Piper Cub! I'd let Collin Powell fly a 767, but not George Bush, Jr.! He scares me! He can't read a teleprompter! He goofs up his own speeches! Let him fly an airplane? Give me a break! At least Collin Powell can speak, think on his feet and seems rational, so he gets to fly, but certainly not Bush!

Come on now, the FAA is suppose to have higher standards than the DMV! Would you want your neighbor flying a 767? And they were giving lessons to some guy named "Abdul" who speaks in broken English and can't pass the written test for a driver license let alone a pilot license? I'm serious! You want your "Granny" flying an airplane over your house? We have to have some standards in this world. A plane that lands wrong can take out a dozen houses, it's not like a car! Our trade schools were training these guys, who are obviously not MIT or Harvard material, to fly a plane!

God, ain't capitalism wonderful! Bribe someone with cold cash and you can learn to do anything! Hey, let's teach people how to make A-Bombs! If they got the cash, why not? That's capitalism in action! "The Defense Department School of A-Bombs!" Student loans available to qualified foreign terrorists! Learn how to make on in your spare time!

So, where were the "red flags" telling the FAA that some yutz was taking 767 lessons? In reality, it was there! The "authorities" knew this was going on but did nothing! The military watched one plane slam in to the World Trade Center, and then in another 15 minutes later did the same thing and we did nothing! Where was "minute man"? Where was NORAD? Where was "air traffic control"? Where was Bruce Willis? Only in the "movies" does goverment get it right! In reality we are asleep at the wheel! And this will happen again in 30 years because we'll be asleep again!

Doesn't that remind you a little of his father, George Bush Sr., who went "na-na-na" when the Berlin Wall fell, despite the fact he was once the head of the CIA?!

So, after this we invaded Iraq based on “intel” from our agencies that proved to be less than reliable. (What happened between 9-11 and the invasion? The NSA and CIA became brain dead?) No one has yet found weapons of mass destruction (I’ll give the Bush administration some credit, at least they didn’t invent some for us to find just to justify the whole thing).

From where I stand it looks like President Bush was thinking: “Hummmm. They took out two buildings, let’s get even and take out two countries.” We did just that. Afghanistan and Iraq. From a standpoint of “look out world” we made our point. Two buildings = two countries.

The precedent of going into Iraq, however, is very weak and we leave ourselves open to this for the future. Let’s play what if. What if the Chinese take over Taiwan? What if the U.S. don’t like that and send ships. Taiwan is a part of China and has been since ages ago. That is a fact of geography and history. You can’t just say “we ain’t a part of China no more!” If that can be done, then Hawaii can say the same thing. We ain’t a part of the U.S. no more!

So, can China invade the U.S. and take out our President because they don’t like our policies in Taiwan? Do they have a right to invade and establish a “more worldly government” in the United States?

Hey, we set the precedent! We can invade half a world a way based on whim. They have weapons of mass destruction. Well, so do we! What, we are allowed a monopoly on that? I don’t sleep well knowing India and Pakistan have weapons of mass destruction! I don’t sleep well knowing Russia and China have weapons of mass destruction! I don’t sleep well known the U.S. has weapons of mass destruction! So, can China legally invade us to establish a new government that is more “worldly” simply because we are snobs about communism?

I don’t like that precedent.

President Bush, however, did drive home the fact that if you’re a backwards nation (that has absolutely no chance of defeating us) with a (heresay) weapons program and (loud mouthed) agenda you better think twice (or we'll come and "getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha"). He certainly pulled Libya and Iran into the fold! So maybe he did some good, but I still don’t like the precedent he set!

The only thing I’ve liked about Bush so far is his desire to put men back on the Moon and do a manned Mars landing in this century. (Oh, yeah and that $7,500 tax exemption thing. I did like that too, didn't I! But not enough of a bride to get me to endorse the guy! I'll take his gift of money, but I still don't think much of the man!)

President Bush scares me a little. He’s a deer in the head lights making speeches about the fact that we will not be held “hostile” by other nations. Hey, it’s hostage, guy, not hostile.

He gets hostage wrong. He gets weapons of mass destruction wrong. Boy, I hope someone’s keeping track of his nuke key so he don’t use that one and get it wrong!

On the Democratic side, there’s is nothing but a bunch of hey-haw windbags. Kerry? Dean? Gees, how'd you like to have them guys as your Pro Bono Legal Aid attorney in a murder case? We have no real Democratic candidate for President and the red-necks seem to eat up President Bush, so I guess we face another 4 more years of Johnny Carson getting a zoo animal doing do-do on his head. (At least with President Bush "Saturday Night Live" can't do a funnier impression than the real thing.)

Boy, and the only thing Republicans can say bad about the last Democratic President is that he liked custom flavored cigars (and for that you get impeached, but that doen't happen for invading a country based on "bad intel")! I guess we are seeing the true difference between Democrats and Republicans!

But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. If you got another view write us and tell us and we’ll give y’all some equal time to get your ya-ya's off (provided you use words that have more than 3 letters in length)!

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