Attack on the Sanctity of Marriage

You folks are right.

According to your religion, your beliefs, and your deep personal faith, the marriage of homosexuals is an attack on the sanctity of marriage.

However, according to my religion, my beliefs, and my deep, personal faith, denying the marriage of homosexuals is an attack on the sanctity of marriage.

I believe in God. I believe in a just and loving God. I do not believe that God would condemn anyone for whom they fall in love with, but for how they fall in love.

By how, I am not referring to the mechanics of the act, but to the dedication, self-sacrifice, and love that they put into their relationship.

I believe that God's first and only commandment is to love. Love God. Love your family. Love each other. To deny the romantic love of two committed individuals is a far greater sin than any homosexual act those two may commit.

I believe that helping two people remain in a committed relationship, building together something stronger than two separate people, is a sanctified obligation. Building walls to keep them apart is a sin.

I believe that God has created billions of individual souls, not so that they can each find the one mass path to enlightenment, understanding, and salvation, but so they can each live the path that God has ordained for them, each in their own way. If not, why make individual souls in the first place?

But the important thing is, these are my beliefs and my religion. This is my faith and it is as deep and as strong as any one else’s, Christian, Muslim, or what ever. You can argue and bring in logic and quote biblical passages all you wish.

That won't change my faith any more than it will change yours.

So gay marriage dilutes the value of your Christian marriages. The answer is simple. Don't let them get married in your Christian church.

But what you are doing is devaluing the sanctity with which I hold marriage by limiting it to man and woman only.

You are attacking my faith with this law.

That is why this is so upsetting to me.

You do not agree with my religion. Fine, but you have no right to stop me from practicing it. Nor do I have a right to stop you from performing marriages, christening children, or spreading your ideas to others.

You can argue with me, boycott my works, protest my existence, but as long as we claim to have freedom of religion in this country, you cannot make it illegal.

My religion is love, faith, and God, not defined by sexual orientation, race, or nationality. My religion is freedom, exploration, and contemplation not restricted to one book or one teacher.

My religion is mine.

I do not ask you to share it, but I demand you do not illegalize it.

* * *

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