And The Beat Goes On...

This is our third March Music Special and this year our Christine K. Rex and Loretta Stradley look at some of the local offerings and what they are doing. We give you some pointers in how to pick a commercial recording studio and what you should look for when auditioning one! We ask why there are so few women music producers, studio owners and CEOs of record companies in what is obviously a manís world.

One the equipment side we take a close look at drums. Their heads, hardware, shells and construction, plus a look at cymbals. We also take a past look at jazz artist Omar Sosa, who in past recordings made use of a lot of ethnic beats and percussion with his Sentir CD getting a Grammy nomination in 2002. We also pick out a few key drummers that anyone getting into the music scene should check out!

Our Software section looks at several low cost offerings that let you record or work with wave files, MIDI files or make your own drum patches.

In our Entertainment and Music areas youíll find some reviews of select local artists.

Finally we feature a few links and organizations that can help you get more exposure for your act and music, including review sites and producers of compilation CDs.

Oh, donít forget all our past offerings from 2002 and 2003! We covered a lot of territory with some hot unknown artists, software, microphones, pressing CDs and a look at how major radio works!

Our 2004 Music Special continues with these offerings...

Why Few Women Producers? | Picking A Studio | Drums | Drum Heads
Drum Pedals | Cymbals | Hammer Head Freeware | Omar Sosa
Drummers | Drum Books | Music Of The Tropics | Benchmark Records
Profile: Blind Lemon | Music Reviews | Resources | Poem: Music Of The Mind

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Articles and Information from the 2002 Music Special:
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