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04-24-2003Middle School Student Kills Principal and Himself.

The principal of Red Lion Junior High School near Harrisonburg, PA, was shot and killed by a student, who then turned the gun on himself.

04-23-2003Reporters and Return Soldiers Face Smuggling Charges.

Journalists, former new agency people and some U.S. military members have been caught trying to smuggle art works and golden guns into this country from Iraq. While none of these items are antiques or priceless, they are nonetheless suspected of being illegally obtained and illegally brought into the country.

04-22-2003Everyone Getting Sued In Rhode Island Club Fire.

Two people who survived the raging fire that started at a Great White concerts in a small Rhode Island club known as 'The Station," and the spouse of one person who died in the blaze have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the state of Rhode Island, local authorites, the band Great White, the maker of the flamable foam used by the club as sound proofing and the club owners.

04-20-2003Hadley Bilger Release; Hixson Arrested.

"Amber Alert" Issed For Hadley Bilger.

Police are looking for 13 year old Hadley Bilger and also for her 42-year-old "uncle" Robert Lee Hixson whom they believe took the girl after killing her parents at a remote area 80 miles from Philadelphia (Pocono Lake). Motive is unknown and as yet Hixson is only suspect due to being named on death bed by the girl's dying father as the man they think is responsible for the shootings and her abduction. Bilger's 5 year old sister reported the incident after she ran from the house to a nearby relative's home.

04-17-2003Dr. Robert Atkins Dies.

The founder of one of the most popular and controversial diet programs in the world, The Atkins Diet, has died after complications from slipping on the ice as he went to work at his Center in Manhattan. He was 72 years old. The Atkins diet is an ultra low carbohydrate method that has been criticized by many experts, but also has lots of dedicated followers who have lost considerable weight using his guidelines.

04-16-2003Killer Flu Virus Identified As Corona.

SARS, the killer flu on rampage in Asia, has been identified as being a member of the Corona Virus family, largely associated with dogs, rats and ferrets. In humans some Corona strains cause the common cold, for which there is no cure. It is unclear how this new strain jumped from animals to humans. Scientists feel they can work out a vaccine as many Corona strains in animals can be treated, but the mortality rate for animals without treatment is usually high in many cases.


The anual April 15th Tax Rush ends tonight.

In the U.S. this is the deadline for filing income tax forms. Post offices stay open till midnight at most main regional branch offices around the country as quite a number of citizens wait until the last moment to file their tax papers.


Abu Abbas Captured In Iraq.

Mohammed "Abu" Abbas a Palestinian splinter group leader who was behind the hijacking of a private cruise liner in 1985 in which one passenger in a wheel chair was killed has been captured near Baghdad. He and his group have also been involved in other terrorist activities in Israel.


Anarchy in Iraq as the War Winds Down...

There is still looting and lawlessness as new freedom his Iraq and people are rebelling against the old regime. Solider are taking off their uniforms and going home without permission because they were forced into the Iraq Army. Stores are being broken into.

Top scientists to Iraq have also surrendered to U.S. Authorities.

The U.S., however, has yet to find any proof of banned weapons or other weapons of mass destruction other than a few missiles and some old chemical stores.

President Bush has received a very high approval rating of 51% pro and only 38% opposed, but two out of three U.S. citizens want to see proof that Iraq did have banned weapons as U.S. authorities have been saying since before the battle began.

California Appeals Dog Mauling Case.

The California Attorney General wants a higher court to reinstate the murder conviction for Marjorie Knoller who was taking care of two dogs that attacked and killed another women in an apartment building hallway. Both Knoller and the victim who died of her injuries were residents of the same building Knoller was sentenced to 4 years for involuntary manslaughter after the Judge ruled that the 15 year murder conviction she had received from the jury was not legally appropriate. California wants that decision by the Judge overturned and the murder conviction reinstated. .

We had previously reported on this story and reported the breed of dogs incorrectly last year. The dogs were Presa Canarios not Pit Bulls as mentioned in one of our updates.

POW Jessica Lynch is now in the U.S. at Edwards Air Force Base Hospital in Maryland after being rescued by Commandos last week. She spent about 3 weeks as a POW in Iraq and has extensive injuries (fractures, spinal injury and gun shot wounds) as was reported on some pain after being taken to a medical facility in Germany.

SCARS in China. U.S. Prepairing For More Cases.

The killer SCARS virus has been confirmed in China to be the same one as in Hong Kong. It has also killed victims in Canada with no fatal cases suspected in the U.S. The U.S. Center For Disease Control is prepairing for more cases and worse cases. There is still no effective vaccine for this virus, but generally speaking fatalities have only happened with those who have directly contacted the bug in Hong Kong or through direct contact of those having it in Hong Kong. The secondary virus does not seem to be as fatal. Still those of you having chills, fever a cough and bad cold should see a Doctor just to be on the safe side.


Plastic Linked To Birth Defects In Mice.

Case Western University in Ohio discovered that bisphenol A, an ingredient in common plastics (and a chemical long on the environmentalist hit list) caused chromosome damage and lead to birth defects that could equate to Down Syndrome in humans.


Viral Epidemic Research Doctor Dies.

Dr. Carlo Urbani, 46, who first identified the current respiratory virus that is now an epidemic has died as a result of contracting the disease.

Everyone is reminded to seek medical care and carefully watch yourself if you develop a fever and cough.


U.S. Takes Iraq Port.

With the aid of British artillery U.S. Marines entered Umm Qasr, the Iraq southern port and raised the U.S. flag.

Anti-War Protester Arrested.

Protestors brought Westwood, downtown Chicago, Portland and San Francisco rush hour traffic to a virtual halt yesterday. Several people in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon were arrested. Some protesters damanged buildings in Portland. One protester fell from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which authorities allege might be a suicide, but an investigation is underway.

One U.S. casuality of fighting has been reported but not fully confirmed. The helicopter deaths are more than likely not combat related.

Over 200 Iraq soliders surrendered as the allies cross the border into Iraq.


U.S. Helicopter Crash Kills 16.

The helicopter crashed in Kuwait and it is not known if it was human error, a defect in the helicopter or if it was attacked. An investigation is under way.


U.S. Makes Air Attack On Iraq.

A coordinated air attack on a "target of opportunity" has been made on Iraq at 9:31 Eastern Standard Time. It is strongly believed this attack was made directly on Saddam Hussein, who was possibly in a bunker at the time of the attack, however we have also received word that Hussein is supposed to address Iraq on television in a few hours.

Space Shuttle Flight Recorder Found.

The "black box" (although it's actually brown in color) from the destroyed Space Shuttle Columbia has been found and sent to NASA for analysis.

First Iraqi Soldiers Surrender.

No, the war hasn't started yet. Our troops are just standing around in the DMZ waiting on orders later today, but no order to avoid what might be a crowded rush several soldiers of the Iraq Army have already surrendered to American troops near the border of Iraq.

Proof of Human Clones To Be Shown.

Clonaid, a company founded by "movement" called the Raelian, has claimed to have cloned three human babies, including a girl named "Eve" born to an American mother and now living in Israel. They have also claimed to have cloned a baby in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. They company will offer proof of this feat to a group in Brazil.

U.S. Troops At Iraq Border.

U.S. troops 20,000 soldiers and 10,000 tanks had been placed near the Iraq border for quick deployment as of this moment.

The way may soon be cleared for U.S. aircraft to use Turkey airspace.

War May Come As Soon As Tomorrow Night.

By 8 p.m. mid-week the U.S. and allies may being their strikes on Iraq.


"Killer" Flu Possibly Identified.

Scientists believe they may have a clue as to the type of virus causing the "killer pneumonia." If this is a the case a "flu" shot may be available soon and possibly an anti-viral treatment program.


"Killer" Flu May Have Hit Canada.

It is suspected that several Canadians who developed pneumonia may have the strain this is slowly reaching epidemic levels in Hong Kong and has killed nine people and made hundreds sick.

This strain is termed "atypical" but seems to be quite intense. People who develop chills, fever and a cough should see their doctor. People who deal in close contact with many strangers on a regular basis might want to consider wearing a surgical mask, which public transportation users in Japan use on a regular basis to keep the spread of colds and flu down to a minimum. It may look funny and be a drag, but it reduces infection rate amazingly.


More Al Qaeda Arrests.

A junior, but significant operative, Yasir al-Jaziri, and another man were arrested in Pakistan. While he is not believed to be directly involved in planning terrorist operations he is a major player in the overall operation of the Bin Laden organization.

Actor Robert Blake Released On Bail.

The charge of "lying in wait" was softened a little against Blake (pictured at right in an issues-mag exclusive photo by Terrance Bert), thus allowing him access to bail for the first time in months. He must stay in one location, give up his passport and have an electronic monitor band.

Blake, 69, is the key suspect in the murder of his 44 year old wife who was shot while waiting in their car after having dinner at a restaurant with Blake. Blake claims he found her shot in the car, but investigators claim he planned this as murder and even attempted to hire hit men in the past to do this same type of shooting.

An actor with a long career with an outstanding career in many major films including "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," "Town Without Pity," "This Property is Condemned," "The Greatest Story Every Told" and "In Cold Blood." He began his career as a child actor working in sound era "Little Rascals" movie shorts but he is best known for his role on television as "Baretta" and most recently stared with Wesley Snipes in the movie "Money Train."


"Outbreak" of Hong Kong "Flu" Results In Deaths.

Life emulates fiction as many people, including medical workers, become sick and deaths are reported from what is now termed a "mystery" flu in Hong Kong, somewhat looking like the recent Dustin Hoffman movie "Outbreak."

A world-wide pneumonia is in effect as this outbreak resembles what is termed "viral" pneumonia. Viral illnesses do not respond to conventional antibiotics as does a pneumonia that is bacteria based.

Serious flu viruses can spread world-wide quickly in this era. At the end of World War One many, many people died over a few months due to a flu spread in that era of ship travel. With today’s non-stop jets a flu can spread in hours.

We can nominally expect to see an anti-virus "flu shot" to be synthesized and distributed within a few weeks to help lower the infection. People should limit their contact with strangers and see a doctor at the first symptoms of a serious flu, which normally includes body aches, a slight fever and other symptoms more serious than just a runny nose.


Missing Utah Girl Found.

Elizabeth Smart, the 15 girl who was "abducted" from her bedroom while she slept last year has been found alive and well. She was in the company of two or more "homeless" people, one of whom was an origial suspect named Brian Mitchell who had worked for the Smart family for a short period of time and got to know the girl. He and his "wife," Wanda Barzee, have been taken into custody.

Elizabeth had been disguised with wigs and scarfs. She was found near her own home walking with Mitchell and Barzee. Several local residents reported them to the police who then confronted all of them on the streets.

Elizabeth seems to exhibit the same type of "kidnap" syndrome faced by Patricia Hurst decades ago, where you keep quiet and behave when in public with your kidnappers, which is also similar to the behavior exhibited by those living in "cults" such as was seen long ago with the "Moonies" and "Jonestown" era groups.


Serbin Prime Minister Assassinated.

Zoran Djindjic was shot by snipers as he left his car to go into government buildings. He made many enemies at home because of his "reformist" stance and good relations with the "Western world." He actively went after Serbian's he felt were "war criminals."

Officials deny an Iran report of Bin Laden's Capture.

Officials in Pakistan say the Iran radio report is not true and that Osma Bin Laden has not as yet been captured.

Large China Aftershock.

A 5.9 aftershock has hit China. We reported the Earthquake last month and even gave you a "lay" prediction of one in the Eastern area after the Mexico quake of January.

Large aftershocks are common from major Earthquakes and can continue for over two years.


New Issue of Issues is Up!


Suspected 9-11 Mastermind Arrested

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who is believed to be on of the major masterminds behind the 9-11 attacks in the United States, as well as other attacks around the world was seized in a raid by Pakistan officials in Pakistan, near Istanbul, Turkey. He is on the FBI most wanted list.


State Schools To End Pledge March 10

Unless the U.S. Supreme Court provides a stay, schools in nine different states are set to halt having the "Pledge of Allegiance" spoken in public schools on March 10th.

A second Federal District Court has already agreed with the first one that the Pledge as it currently is violated the church and state rules of the Constitution. Schools do have the option of dropping "under God" from the Pledge, even though it violates U.S. Law that has been found to be unconstitutional.

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