HBO is getting “Sex In The City” their hot, Emmy nominated show for syndication on broadcast network television. NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX have all been offered the show but so far no one is taking it.

“24” the Fox show now in second season (I really wondered how they would do this a second year) is doing real well with the viewing public as are both CSI and CSI Miami. While I love CSI, I wasn’t too thrilled with CSI Miami, but the viewers like it!

NBC announced that next year will more than likely be the last year for Friends (10 years on TV and still going strong – strong enough it may see 11 if everyone wants to go for it), but the Martin Sheen White House drama “West Wing” will be renewed for at least two more years into 2005.

Over this summer NBC plans to do a lot of reality shows with working titles like "The Next Action Star," "Love Shack," "Around the World in 80 Dates" and a street-racing show "The Fast and the Furious," inspired by the film of the same name, however the regular prime time season starting in September of 2003 through May of 2004 will have few reality shows and more dramas or comedy shows.

"Watching Ellie," starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (formerly with Seinfeld) has been given a whole new face lift and will shoot on video tap with three cameras before a live studio audience. It was previously filmed on a sound stage with a single camera and put on a shelf after getting a not so great response. They hope the new format will work with viewers, especially since it will only have reruns for competition! Smart move, NBC!

“Just Shoot Me” will probably not return. The ratings for that show are down, as are those for “Frasier,” but that show will probably return this fall and if it keeps slipping in the ratings it may face the axe next year. The Thursday night comedy offerings "Scrubs" and new show "Good Morning Miami" are doing good. We profiled Scrubs co-star Judy Reyes last year, along with a favorable review of this quirky doctor comedy that we felt could be the new M*A*S*H. Glad to see it’s doing well. - Click here to travel right!

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