Sonus Ventorium: band review

I have heard Sonus Ventorium play before at the 2 Ring Circus (a musical show case of many local bands) last year and was impressed. I got to see them again just recently and this time they really blew my mind.

They have a distinctive sound with the bongo drum artist and the different instruments the lead singer used in a couple of their songs. This gave their sound a uniqueness that you just donít hear very often.

I was impressed by the way they played and they had so much energy. They used every square inch of the stage and the audience ate it all up. They were screaming for more and some had to be kept off the stage. The band played to the audience like they were old friends. This band has what it takes to make it big.

They have the sound and the showmanship to be a big time band one day. The way each musician blended their talents so well with the rest of the band you just knew that they were serious and yet had fun creating that most awesome music. From what I saw with the way the people reacted to them it wonít be long before this band is on the charts. They were so into the music and they rocked the house that night.

They are a five piece band. At least I think they are. There was bass player Terry Sharp who was tremendous, guitar player Josh Rich who was making his guitar sing like you would not believe, drummer Dave Rich who had a slightly different beat from most drummers, a bongo drummer Phil Altum who was so awesome to watch play, and of course the lead singer Alltus Snow.

They put on a great show and have many followers as was shown that night. The crowd loved them!

Sonus Ventorium

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