Northern Kind: band review

They came to Indianapolis from the North to WOW us with their fantastic style of rock. I watched them, with awe, shake the house. They took the stage and made it an altar for the worshippers of great music of which there were many that night.

I donít know much about physics but Vince Springfieldís guitar and Bill Kramerís bass should have burst into flames. The way they played made their instruments dance and swing with the best drummer beat I have ever heard. Their performance had the audience dancing and yelling like crazy.

They have a twist that has a little bit of Zepplin and a dash of Black Sabbath kind of sound. Rocking that stage for all it was worth. What a show I saw that night!

The drummer, Jesse Marshall, was so sooo rocking that when his drums didnít blow up I had to lean a little to see if he was still in place on stage where he had started. He was but how I do not know. Those drums should have blown up. The stage should have blown up. The beat coming from those rockiní drums blew me away.

Northern Kind much like Black Sabbath and yet not quite the same because they make their own style of a raw upbeat sound with an energy you would be hard pressed to find in other smaller bands. They are a powerful three piece band and to hear them you would think that the rest of the band is just not in sight. But Northern Kind is a very strong and powerful three piece band. The way they play, you donít need any more.

They were just amazing!

Northern Kind

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