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This is our annual Music Special Issue and this year we are taking a look at a lot of lesser known and grass-roots musical offerings both live, recorded and visual.

When we started Issues it was our intent to bring the new, unique, off-beat and unusual to our readers and not just be another “me to” writing about the same bands you’ll see in Rolling Stone. We actually wanted them to start quoting us! Almost two years ago we did a major profile on Cuban born jazz-fusion artist Omar Sosa who is now based out of San Francisco. Last year we reviewed his album which was nominated for a Grammy at the award festival which took place only a few days before this issue hit the stands. Sosa is indicative of the kind of unique artist we wanted to profile and we look at his new ECD album, along with an offering from Keith Jarrett who was also up for a Grammy (and we talked a little about him last year when the ECM :rarum series came out). In the past we also did Zydeco artist Lisa Haley and looked at England’s Atomic Kitten who are still largely unknown in the United States but huge in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Far East. We also profiled several underground and local artists in our pages.

This year we are expanding that approach and bringing you reviews of submissions made to us by both commercial artists and unsigned underground acts. Because this is a music special aimed at helping musicians as well as giving our general audience a new perspective, we are being critical about how their submissions were made to our offices as well as how their material stands up to a hearing.

We also look at the promotional package with a goal towards helping the struggling musician see what others are doing. We detail the results of making an ECD and talk about these “enhanced” audio disks that also offer the computer user various “extras.” We look at the low budget music video process from an actual hands on experience through to a web cast you can view and broadcast on cable television some users can witness.

Loretta Stradley details a few local artists in her Indiana region, plus we link you to days long past and look at some other acts in Texas we covered in last year’s issue, along with the nuts, bolts and equipment sections which still basically apply. We add to this with a look at some of our digital video coverage from years gone buy that include extra technical information for those interested in know more about this end of the process.


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