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In this month’s Music Special Issue in addition to our regular review offerings found in our Entertainment Department Music column (which this months looks at works from two Grammy nominees including a new ECD from Omar Sosa, Keith Jarrett’s :rarum collection, plus Nashville’s country-folk singer Melissa Gibson, NY grass-roots punk band G-Spot and the funky Chronophonic).

Why did some make the regular review section and not others? In the case of New Age artist Jon Denzene maybe it's because I can't get into Earth sounds. He workmanship was great, he wins awards and he's talented, but I saw nothing super here. In the case of Jesse Morgan it was the amount of derivative performances. If he had been more original or not borrowed as heavily (G-Spot borrowed a little but they were so original and nifty I put them in even with some rye vocals here and there) he would have made the regular music section. The rest need to go to the woodshed and work (or maybe get a good thrashing from daddy for all the goofs they made).

It's a critic's job to be unkind! If we loved everything we wouldn't be critical! Is my stuff perfect? No way! My production work has received some down right hostile reviews at times. I'm also my own worst critic. But the bands submitted here to find out something about where they are at musically and if I just pretended and told you what you wanted to hear you might not do better down the line and everyone needs to do better.

Some will say: Omar Sosa and Keith Jarrett are a bore. Yeah, they might be to some people, but they are great at being boring! Both of them got Grammy nominations this year just to prove how great a bore they can be (and I wrote about them before those nominations)! So there!

We are featuring this eclectic collection of regional or underground musical acts on CD:

Melissa Gibson



Jesse Morgan - A Taste Of R & B Rock

Distilled - Metal

Jon Denzene/The Torrent - New Age

Hook The Captain - Beat Box Grooves

Tesknota - Spaced Rock

Living Space - Slop Rock

J.M. Cruiz - Casio Keyboard Demo Music


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Featuring: Omar Sosa - Keith Jarrett - Melissa Gibson - G-Spot - Chronophonic

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