Got debt?

Got debt? Well, most people do. The question is how in the world do you get out of it?

Most people spend 98% of their income towards debt payments. That means in essence that most people do live from paycheck to paycheck or past paycheck to paycheck. I personally believe that debt is a financial disease. The key to eliminating the debt is to make a decision in your mind that you want to be debt free.

How do I become debt free? The first step is to have a written game plan to completely eliminate the debt all together. Debt freedom does not entail switching your debt around from credit card to credit card delaying the pain of paying the debt off.

After you have the written game plan, the first action step is to perform plastic surgery. Yes, that means cutting up those cards and not calling the creditors to get new cards. The second step is to live within your means and pay cash or use your debit cards for all purchases. If you can not pay cash for purchases that may be a good sign that you do not need those purchases. Thirdly, pat your self on the back for making a commitment to be debt free.

I believe that we are all entitled to abundance and prosperity. The question is do you think that you deserve it?

Dawn Poindexter has been a motivational speaker since high school where she was on the speech team and competed in the oratorical category. Her mentor has always been Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

She has always encouraged others and at an early age realized that many people did not know their true worth and how special they really are. She helps them realize the cycles that keep them in the same rut and shows them how to break out and expand their horizons through speeches and motivational demonstrations.

At the present she has a motivational speaking company, Sunshine Systems In., but they are now in the process of change to improve their services

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