Fight War with a Universal Orgasm

The kind of connection most of us are looking for in a love relationship obviously goes beyond the mere physical frictional uniting of genitals, skin and hormonal release.

We know what we want, but some of us don't know how to go about finding it. In the Ladyfire philosophy, we believe that people must be ready and spiritually developed to be open enough for soul satisfying unification to exist.

As humanity is evolving, it becomes common knowledge that we draw to us what we are putting out. And yes, we are evolving collectively as a whole. The negative aspects: wars, racism, hate we see in abundance now are just the reaction and final purging of these elements from our collective. The negative "stuff" comes boiling to the surface to be released before a huge shift in universal consciousness. Sometimes it takes a major slap in the face to get some of us to wake up and smell the flowers. IE: War, Hate, and Racism…HOPEFULLY SOME OF US WILL WAKE UP!

The same goes for us as individuals. As we work on ourselves we are sometimes surprised at the shit that comes bubbling to the top, usually as we least expect it. If you keep drawing the same types of lessons to you then you obviously have not learned the lesson yet. So before you go "hunting" for a new lover etc, take the time you NEED to work on those lessons. But we mustn't have the attitude that if we do A, B and C the right lover or life will come to us as our reward automatically.

Who really knows what our life plan really is. Maybe we have a lot of crappy Karma to work out. But then again, some philosophies teach that wisdom erases karma. Meaning that if we truly evolve beyond the fear based reactions and emotions and learn to love universally without expectations, judgment, greed, jealousy, anger, all those difficult ones then we may just be able to understand and erase the negative karma.

Basically learn the lesson so that we don't have to repeat it. It comes down to the fact that we don't really ever know what is ahead. We simply have to learn to love life for what it is and take it as it comes. Accept the light and the dark times. Embrace the opportunities to grow!

Of course a lot of us think we're ready to meet our soul mates and live this wonderful life of ecstatic bliss. Well, most of us need to guess again. Our soul mates may not even be incarnate on this plane of existence. Our soul mates may be living with someone else and working out some old karmic debt or are otherwise engaged. We may be wasting a lot of time looking to the future instead of learning to love the present.

While you are learning to love the present, keep your heart open to the universe and all your relations on this planet and elsewhere. Visualize your love as encompassing the entire world. There is enough love out there to fill your heart. When you learn to open to it and give it freely it forever flows in abundance.

When petty feelings of jealousy well up (That “stuff” that rises to the surface, i.e.: I was surprised by a silly, little jealous twang I felt when I heard that my ex’s girlfriend made my son’s birthday cake.) I acknowledged the fact that I felt a little jealous, forgave myself then I looked at the positive in all of it. Didn't I have a place in my heart for her that was giving to my child? Of course I do. If I allow myself to open to universal love! She is my sister!

On the grander scheme of things, do we not have a place in our hearts for all our brothers and sisters, our earth creatures and ethereal beings? Are we not all connected to one another in creation? Of course we are. Open yourselves to love and recognize the microcosm of yourself in the macrocosm of all our relations and creation! Amen, Blessed Be, Namaste, Ho!

Let's all unite in love and create a Universal Orgasm so strong, so powerful and so good that we push war, hate and racism right out of the universe! But to do it we have to take care of our personal petty little "issues" and be clear enough to receive and send universal love. Get to work on yourself and let's recreate this planet in the image of LOVE.

Debora Myers is the Founder and Executive Editor of Ladyfire Magazine.
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