Letters To The Editor

During a search for an Mpeg-2 Analog Capture Card that would support Closed Captioning for Broadcast TV applications, I came across your website. I notice that you mention that some of the cards support 720 X 486 but don't specifically mention which ones. Could you possibly tell me which ones?

We are specifically looking for the following.

1. Mpeg-2
2. 8mbs (our minimum transfer rate)
3. 720 X 486
4. PC compatible
5. Stereo

Most of the cards listed were 720 x 486 (that was our criteria), however many, such as the Pinnacle, only capture at about 4 MBS, although the rate might be subject to your hard drive. In UDMA mode it can work as fast as 22 MBS. Check with a company like Pinnacle to see if they can accommodate your needs.

Earl R. Dingman - Editor Technology.

Hi Guys,

Sorry to tell you but the diagrams on the right of this page Recording Software explaining sampling and bit depth are completely wrong.

Here's a good site that explains it:


John McMullan

Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

Not sure I find that explanation easy to understand or applicable. My information comes from the birth of the digital era and articles in Mix and R E/P. I also wasn't dealing with dynamic range, but resolution and sample points. It's possible I got it wrong. Not really sure at this point and the information provided at this site doesn't fully explain it to me.

Under 16 bit technology values up to 65,525 are handled directly. Under 8 bit technology the maximum value is 256. In older computers two 8 bit registers were used to split higher values in half. According to my ears the 8 bit setting on Microsoft Recorder is absolutely terrible while the 16 bit setting at a much lower upper frequency rate of 22K or even 11K delivers a much better sound.

While my graphic and details my not be totally correct, at least the basic point of "half" the resolution is put forth. I'll have to check into this further, as in specifications for electronics things are always a slanted mess filled with rhetoric, bias and geared towards selling the user on some concept that fits the product!

Earl R. Dingman - Technology Editor.

Monica Millner's article The Millenium Natural from September 2002
The article was Great! It was informative and made me consider taking her advice.



Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
Fair Housing Division
Jacksonville, FL


Okay so I've made the decision to dred my hair this weekend. I've never done this before, I have a friend who's going to help who's never done it before. My only tool for instruction so far has been the internet. I am determined to do this tonite, so any instruction that you have for me would be GREATLY appreciated.

Samantha Woods
Executive Assistant
SAMSON Motorcycle Products, Inc.

Hi Samantha,
Congratulations on making the decision to loc your hair! It looks like I am a bit late for your planned locing date, but I still have a bit of advice for you.
1) If you are using the twisting method of starting locs, don't wash your hair too soon - it will unravel.
2) Don't use beeswax, or any other heavy cream or butter - it will build up on your hair.
3) Don't dry twist - it will cause weakening of the locs.
I hope this information helps, and let us know how your locs are doing!
Kaya Casper Owner: www.naturallynappy.com Author: www.issues-mag.com

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