Free Diet and Calorie Counter
A Demo For PC Users Only

Not all the features are available in the demo (you have to upgrade on line via Pay Pal for $15 to get those) and the data base is a bit crude (upgrade users are promised better data bases down the line) but what you get is still not bad for free!

Yes, there are a few tools like this you’ll find around the web, but these are usually priced at $50 or more and this one is free, even though it has limitations.

You simply type in what you are looking for into the search window or use the drop down list button to search the data base (cross-references will eventually be available in the full upgrade but not in the demo) and when you find an item, such as TUNA, white in water, click on it and you see the serving size (the demo has both single services and some multiple serving sizes such as three cookies, the upgrade will be single item only) and then enter a value based on what you will be having. If tuna comes up as an ounce and you are eating half a 6 ounce can then you simply enter 3 into the portion window and it computes the total calories, fat, carbohydrates and proteins for that item.

There is an option that lets you add this to a list of what you are eating and keep a running tally. On the demo version this tally goes on forever. On the upgrade version it changes ever day based on the date.

The upgrade version also keeps track of the foods you select and saves them as a running list that you can open and refer to at a later date in ascending order (most recent entry on top). You can also add new food items to the upgrade data base!

You can also subtract a food item from your running total (this gets logged into the list) in case you change your mind before eating.

It also show the percentage of fats, carbohydrates (or sugars) and proteins that make up your diet so you can see at a glance if you are on a high protein, high fat or sugar diet. Cholesterol figures are also provided. These are also color keyed with red values coming up if you exceed safe levels or are going too heavy (or lean) on carbohydrates, fat or proteins. The total calories for the day are also color coded to keep you from doing too little (under 1,100) or so many that you won’t lose weight (over 1,600).

There is also some useful information about diets, fad diets, the new food pyramid and cautions for those embarking on a diet without the help of a doctor.

This tool is far better than consulting lists and several internet sites looking for the component of each item.

Requires a PC using Windows 98 or better. The file takes about 15 minutes to download at 28 KBS.

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