Archieís Address: band review

Archieís Address is one of Indianapolisís best home grown rock bands. With their lead singer Ron Baughman accompanied by Kenny Ray Marcum on guitar, Josh Sprague on bass, and drummer Dave Miller,who was a temporay drummer, they made it look so easy.

For only a four piecer they had enough energy and talent to make it sound like a larger band. And the talent they have by themselves, let alone all together, is just amazing. The show they put on was fantastic. You could definitely tell they are all that and then some.

From swaying to bouncing around the energy put out by these four is unreal. Even the drummer managed to make it seem like he moved with the music. The bass playing from Josh was amazing and donít even get me started about the guitar playing genius of Kenny Ray. The lead vocalist Ron Baughman with his outstanding voice sang the songs we all have inside of us but not the talent say it.You felt every word that came out of his mouth. Backed up by the guitar genius and the bass player, he was able to perform, with the drummer, in an almost supernatural intense way.

Archieís Address gave me goose pimples, I knew that I was hearing some very good music. They wowed me like almost no one can. One of the most up and coming bands in this city, Archieís Address is on its way for sure.

They will be at Birdy's Bar and Grill March 7, 2003, so if you happen to be in Indianapolis drop by and check them out. You won't be disappointed. Raymond Guajardo, their regular drummer will be there too. I have seen Ray before and know he is a very talented drummer so any show they have will be excellent.

Archie's Address

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