Renaissance Festivals

Scarborough FaireŽ is now open in Texas near Waxahachie (30 minutes south of Dallas/Fort Worth) and runs weekends through June 3 from 10 in the morning to 7 at night -- rain or shine, including Memorial Day!

-- Scarborough FaireŽ Photo

The event features entertainment (10 stages plus roaming jugglers, sword swallowers, musicians, magicians and bawdy wenches), food (over 60 vendors selling their wares), drink (7 pubs and taverns), artisans (around 200 showing, selling and demonstrating their crafts, such as glassblowing), royalty (such as the King pictured above) and jousting -- yes, big, tall, brawny he-men in armor on horses charging at one another! It gives you a very real look and taste at what a town or festival in the 15th or 16th century English countryside was all about.

Other variations of these Renaissance festivals are produced by other companies and you can find events open to the general public in just about every state in the U.S. and many Canadian provinces... Some of these festivals have home-brewing contests, costume contests and accept outside participants.

Admission to these types of festivals is usually on par with other live adventure events (in the $15 - $30 region for adults, roughly half that for children, some events admit very young children free of charge with paying adults).

We thank David Buckert of Scarborough FaireŽ for providing these references to other similar events for those of you not located in Dallas or travelling to that area this spring...

The SCRIBE lists several hundred similar events. also has a list...

For more details on Scarborough FaireŽ:

Additionally in the fall the producers of Scarborough FaireŽ do a Halloween theme event, SCREAMS! .

-- E.R.D.

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