Summer Special 2006

It’s that time of year again up here in the North!

This year we look at the world-wide World’s of Disney. Probably the number one destination for family fun, if you can reach one and they are becoming more accessible to everyone!

We take our yearly look at Cedar Point in Ohio. Once again we show you Los Angeles and Southern California. This year we also spotlight Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry, the largest such museum housed in a single building in the world! Another look at the Florida Coast and Orlando.

In our Features section Christine Rex, who just bought herself a car, gives us some tips on how to shop for a vehicle and what to look for. We also have some links to Amusement and Theme Parks around the world!

Non-Fiction gives us two views of camping. One from our ornery Loretta Stradley who tells us what that camping shovel is really used for and another from Christine Rex on state run camping site, with a look at one in Florida.

We also look at the up and coming trend of converting diesel cars to run on used cooking oil. A trick that is helping some diesel owners save thousands of dollars in year in this era of $3+ fuel prices!

In keeping with our Summer theme, humorist

Charlie Hatton talks about Summer Soothers to beat the heat!

Elsewhere in this issue we also take a look at the new Samsung Blu-ray HD player and learn a bit more about the Protestant religions and the Wiccan summer rituals.


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