How Easy Was That

It is amazingly easy and simple to get a gun in Indiana. I am either relieved or dismayed that it was that easy. I am not sure which at the moment.

I have wanted to get a weapon for the last few years, but kept putting it off. It has taken me a while to get a gun mainly because of the cost, but also because life has a habit of keeping me busy and I forget. Well, today I went gun shopping.

I went to Gander Mountain because they have lots of guns and I like their stores. They have everything you could imagine for the outdoors and very knowledgeable staff. I thought I would just go and look around and ask some questions.

I saw this pretty little 9mm browning clone. Nice and shiny black steel! Very nice and sleek, it looked like a nice pistol to start off with and when held felt comfortably in my hand. Strong, yet not bulky as some pistols.

I asked to see it and the guy pulled back the bolt and handed it to me. It felt good to hold a gun again. I am more of a rifle person, but for home protection or personal protection I think the pistol is better. Easier to wield around in smaller places like hallways and smaller rooms.

I was reminded why I wanted a weapon by the news of the death of a lady in my building. She had been shot by a 14 year old this past weekend. SHOT! BY A KID! And a friend of mine told me his sister was killed a month or so ago on a shooting spree. That is getting too close to home for me. I now have a gun to protect myself.

I have two kinds of ammo also. One for target practice and one for serious shooting for idiots with a death wish who try and come in my house or try to attack me. Yes, that would be a death wish being granted when I Ďpop a capí in their heart.

Indiana Firearm Codes

I plan on getting a permit to carry it, too. The woman, the one who told me about the woman in my building, said that it was getting to be like the Wild West again. That freaked me out because another friend of mine has said the same thing and I agree with him.

So, taking stock of weapons. My arsenal consists of two daggers, one sword, one knife (okay, it's a camping knife), and one Feg 9mm Browning clone. I know the gun isn't really the best out there, but it's a great starter gun. My sword isn't the one I want either, but it was affordable. The one I really want costs a bit.

I am still not sure how I feel about getting a weapon that easily, but I did get one within an hour of looking and took my little 9mm home to stay with me. Donít worry; they gave me a gunlock, free, to keep it safe from my grandchildren. I wonít use it unless the kids are staying so if you want to die soon just come over to my house and invade my territory and try to hurt me. I will pop a cap or two for you! Just trying to be neighborly!


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