Car Buying Savvy!

Today’s car buying consumer needs to have a great deal of knowledge in order to shop for a car. There are so many different dealerships it can be mind boggling, especially to a first time car buyer. When the consumer drives onto the lot sales people rush to meet each person and escort them to the show room or to all the beautiful shiny new vehicles lined up like stallions at the racetrack. Without doing homework, this experience can deter a buyer from finding just the right car or truck to suit the needs and desires we all have.

Doing homework means searching the adds on line, in the newspapers, searching the Kelly Blue Book on the net, for price quotes or calling a dealer and ask the value on vehicles the consumer might be interested in and talk to other customers of each kind of vehicle you wish to go check out. While your there on the site get and idea what the present vehicle is worth as well if the plan is to trade. Make notes for each one and get an idea what the best price is for the vehicle and how much can afforded for payments.

If the choice is a pre-owned vehicle then a good place to check on that particular one can be found on for a nominal fee. It requires some research as well and information from the car itself.

According to an expert for Jim Rathmann Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida, the best day and time to shop for a vehicle is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in the mid afternoon when it is slow. The best selling new car at this dealership is the Chevy Cobalt while the best selling trucks are the Chevy Tahoe and the Silverado. Chevy products continue to hold their value off the lot. Test-driving is best for each vehicle the consumer is interested in. A customer should be prepared to bring with them the following item when purchasing a vehicle, proof of insurance, a W2 or 30 days of pay stubs, a drivers license, trade in payoff or title for the present vehicle and a check or cash for the down payment on the new purchase. Dealer sales consultants will work hard to get the best deal on each purchase. The deal is done when you drive off the lot with your new purchase and with pride in what you have accomplished.

To show what is on the market from other competitors a study was done by the Strategic Vision Inc conducted since 1995 and their recent survey on the quality of 2006 vehicles measured the customer’s emotional responses to vehicles as well as their driving experiences and what problems if any they had:

 Best Brand – BMW
 Small Car - Honda Civic
 Small multifunction - Chevrolet HHR
 Medium Car - Ford Fusion
 Large car - Dodge Charger
 Small specialty (under $25,000) – Mini Cooper
 Small specialty (over $25,000) - Chevrolet Corvette
 Near-Luxury car: Lexus IS 250/350
 Luxury car: BMW 7-series
 Convertible (under $30,000) - Mini Cooper convertible
 Convertible (over $30,000) - Chevrolet Corvette
 Minivan - Honda Odyssey
 Small SUV - Toyota 4Runner
 Medium crossover: Dodge Magnum
 Large SUV - Nissan Armada
 Near-luxury SUV - Lexus RX 350/400h
 Luxury SUV - Range Rover Sport
 Compact pickup - Toyota Tacoma
 Full-size pickup - Honda Ridgline
 Heavy-duty pickup - Chevrolet Silverodao 2500/3500

A final note for the safety minded consumer: the Chevrolet Impala and the Toyota Avalon have been recognized as large sedans that contain side-curtain airbags that do a good job at protecting passengers in crashes with sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Doing your homework can give you an edge and make you a savvy consumer. Take your time and surf the net looking for just the right model with the right features and write it all down and take it with you when you shop. In the long run you will thank yourself for spending the time to do it up right.



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