The Luck Factor

Richard Wiseman reveals how good luck is created
and how we can build lucky lives.

Reviewed by David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy

The Luck Factor rips apart the notion that luck is something that just happens. Dr. Wiseman reports on over three years of scientific inquiry into what is often considered the most unscientific topic of all. However, Dr. Wiseman suggests another reason for the lack of scientific research into luck:

"The situation is akin to the old story of the man who knows he dropped some treasure in one part of the street but searches in another part because the light is better there."

Dr. Wiseman's central thesis is that luck can be predicted and therefore controlled. He offers four "principles of luck", then explains how we can harness these principles to live luckier lives. The four principles are:

Maximize your chance opportunities

Listen to your lucky hunches

Expect good fortune

Turn bad luck into good

The Luck Factor is everything that a psychology book should be. It details research conducted by the author, as well as research from numerous other psychologists. Many of the experiments Dr. Wiseman references were already familiar to me, as I also reference them in my own book, Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness.

Dr. Wiseman makes the psychological research completely accessible to the average reader, both through the use of plain language and by making his points through quizzes and visual puzzles.

I give this book a rare ten out of ten, and predict it could be the best self-help/psychology book of 2003. I can't think of any reason not to buy this book immediately.

Good luck enjoying The Luck Factor.

David Leonhardt is The Happy Guy.
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