The Stripper and the Teenager

A 34 year old mother, her husband and two other people in Tennessee face Grand Jury indictments because they hired a stripper to perform at her 16 year old son’s birthday party.

Oh, my... A 16 year old boy got to see a nikked girl (that's an assumption we don't know how far she actually went on "this job!") Oh, like most boys 14 or older never got a handful in their lives? All men are virgins until they get married? No man ever see a girl’s breast prior to the age of 18? Oh, wow, am I living under a rock! Man, it’s bolder!

Like this boy can’t turn on Showtime or HBO and see an R rated movie. You know, like “Showgirls” or “Eyes Wide Shut!” I remember being at the home of an Arab immigrant who’s now a U.S. citizen. He’s a Muslim. He has a 10 year old son. The father and I were talking and the kid was watching HBO... Lo and behold there are nikkid boobies on the screen! His father said: “Don’t look at that.” The kid got up for a second, got something to eat and sat back down, of course the nikkid parts had past by that time.

In the state of N.Y. at many beaches girls can go topless -- equal protection under the law. If a man can go topless, so can a girl. It was a N.Y. Court decision a few years back. So any kid can see nikkid boobies on many N.Y. beaches. So there!

Who raises the child? Mom and dad or the Grand Jury and the Courts?

Has no one ever heard of nudists? There are families of nudists, they take vacations at nudist camps and everyone walks around with no clothes, including the 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 year old boys and girls!

My mother used to give me part of her beer. So did my dad! When I was 10 years old. They told me it goes on freely in Europe all the time (in fact a friend of mine lives in Hamburg, Germany, and he tells me if a kid’s head reaches over the bar they will serve them beer and wine up until 10 pm, without a parent being present). Can my parents have gotten arrested for providing alcohol to a minor?

When I was a teenager I had a 14 year old guy friend whose parents used to let him have sleepovers with girls in his bed! I knew another 17 year old boy whose parents let him have a 16 year old girl over and they let them sleep in his bed!

Are all these parents criminals?

Desi Arnaz, you know him, Ricky Ricardo from the Lucy Show. When he was 16 in Cuba his father took him to a whore house to get his sex education. That’s kind of a common occurrence in some countries. Desi wrote about this in his biography! It’s true. It’s real. It’s done by many people.

Oh, I’m sorry I forgot, we’re the uptight, Puritanical, ultra religious, ultra anal United States of America that rewards unmarried pregnant girls with a lifetime of welfare, with regular increased amounts for each new "bastard" out of wedlock, “fornicated” baby they create and we make the taxpayers foot the bill, while they cut back and deny the elderly Social Security payments because we are so broke for making war in Iraq and supporting unwed mothers in a system so absurd that even Socialist and Communists don’t make such rewards to babies out of wedlock. What a “family” oriented country we are! Should that unwed mom get married, well, we must cut off their payments and make him support the new family, hence few unmarried welfare moms get married!

Twelve year old girls get pregnant on a habitual basis, often from 14 or 16 year old boys who never got to see a stripper, so they stripped their girl friend instead, and we don’t throw the boy in jail, we don’t indict the parents for raising a wild teenage boy, instead we give the girl $550 a month in cash and another $250 a month in food stamps for the rest of her life.

Hell, when I was 18 I used to enjoy going to the topless bar with my phony ID and watching the nikkid boobies bob around on stage while getting so drunk on $2 pitcher beer I had to vomit in the bushes on the way home!

A father can legally take his son or daughter out at age 14 and teach them to shoot a rifle or hand gun and even kill a deer legally, but don’t bring over a girl and have her do a strip tease or you’ll end up in jail!

Kids trained to shoot guns sometimes go to school and shoot other kids. What’s this kid going to do? Go to school and get a girl to give everyone a table dance? Oh, how wicked! Better we shoot all the teachers, the school bullies and all the kids who laugh at you with the weapons we are trained to use at home by daddy dearest!

There was once a TV movie called “Private Lessons” or “Special Lessons” where the parents of a 16 year old boy arranged to have a girl over as a “baby sitter” whose real job was to take him to bed and teach him “how to!” That movie is like 20 years old now. We’d jail a parent for teaching sex to a kid? Good sex? Maybe sex where the kid learns not to make girls pregnant. Maybe sex where the boy learns to be nice and respectful to the girl instead of just slam-banging her?

Hey, try it and you’ll get indicted by a Grand Jury and put in prison for life!

Better to teach your 16 year old son to kill something with an assault rifle, at least you won't get indicted for that lesson in life!


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