This is another free to use (although there is also a more extensive paid version), off-site, third party site that keeps track of your page hits and statistics.

What's nice about these sites is continuous monitoring. If you change hosts you will get incomplete stats or may only get stats if you pay an extra fee to get them!

Sitemeter provides a lot more information than Web Stat, which we looked at last issue. You can see who is currently on and what pages they are looking at. You can get a list of the IP pages that goes 4 or 5 pages deep and shows when they logged in and how long they stayed. You can then see what pages were looked at, if you put a link up for each page so it can be tracked. You can find out what page a visitor came in to and what page they left from. Sitemeter will also give you a prediction of future hits for the hour, day, week or month based on hits already accumulated by the hour, day, week or month.

You can also get graphics showing the visitors and page hits for the year, month, week and day, plus other ones from time zones around the world, visit lengths, how many pages each visitor averaged, etc.

For more information or to set up an account, go to:


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