Florida Came To Its Sense

Florida was attempting to deny the rights of a 13 year old girl who is a ward of the state to an abortion, but the state and its departments came to its senses and agreed with the courts, who are allowing the 14 week pregnant girl to get an abortion.

The people, as a whole, and government, to a degree, do everything they can to deny sex education to young people. A 13 year old girl -- especially a "ward of the state," which basically means an "unloved girl" -- knows nothing about life, love, sex or relationships. A 13 year old girl in this situation is a victim. A victim of a loveless life. A victim of a life where no one, except maybe some slick, fast talking, hormonal boy -- or worse, a man -- who gives her a little of what she "thinks" she needs (physical love and attention) and a lot of what she doesn't need (a back seat of the car mating session)! She ends up in what most people call "in trouble" and then we force her to go through full term gestation and birthing? Then what? We put her on welfare for the rest of her life at taxpayer expense? Or worse -- we take the baby from her and give that baby to someone else, after she carries it and births it for 9 months?

We make a 13 year old girl's body have stretch marks? We make her go through an adult process by force, because we haven't the guts to teacher her about sex and the consequences in frank terms? Then we force her to go through with the whole process because she was weak and made a "mistake?" She didn't even probably know she was making a mistake, she just knew she was getting "love and attention from someone for the first time in her life" but she didn't know that means gestation, birthing, stretch marks, pain and getting a baby taken away from her!

When a 13 year old murders someone, as one boy did recently in a "wrestling" exhibition, do we execute that boy in our "death penalty" states? Why not? We force 13 year old girls to gestate fully and birth! What, one kid gets treated more humanly than another? We play favorites?

A country that executes it's unwanted criminals and doesn't want to "execute" it's unwanted fetuses is a contradiction, especially when it comes to a 13 year old girl!

You can't have it both ways, you in the religious right. Give UP the death penalty or give UP the fight against abortion! We either keep our most "hostile and dangerous" criminals alive for decades at our expense or we don't. Make up your mind, America!

But a 13 year old girl? You're going to force this girl to take "adult responsibilities" for her juvenile actions?

The girl is certainly no angel, that is for sure, but she's a child. She's -- excuse my bluntness -- dumber than a brick. You're going to penalize her for being a dumb ass?!

What if birthing a child kills her because her body is too young and too small to give birth? Then what? Say she deserved it?

She's a dumb ass! She can't deserve that kind of an end!

The state of Florida has some redeeming social value. The laws respect the rights and privacy of even a child and allow HER to make the final choice for being dumb ass!

The various departments of Florida trying to stop her and being even dumber, but showed some sense and compassion by agreeing not to appeal the court decision.

This is nothing about being for or against abortion. This about a 13 year old dumb ass, who is a dumb ass only because she's 13 years old. This dumb ass deserves a second chance. She deserves the right to wake up and let us see if she has some sense when she grows to be older and gets to vote and drive and learn about things like sex which are denied to her as a 13 year old by the right wing of America who think ignorance is bliss!

And what I really don't know is "what of the boy who knocked her up?" Well, Florida. Is he behind bars for statutory rape? Did you give you 5 to 10 years hard time for "doing a 13 year old dumb ass?"

If he's 14, does he get put in jail until he's 25? Is he in jail? Or did you let him "off the hook" while attempting to force that dumb ass girl to make the baby she started?

If 13 year old girls are forced to make the babies they start when they spread their legs, let's change all the laws and let them get married at 13 without parental consent. Let's drop all the statutory rape and marriage laws down to the age of "making babies" and let anyone do what they want.

If that bothers you, then really protect the girl. And you don't protect her by forcing her to fully gestate and birth at 13, 14 or 15. For some reason we've chosen 16 as the average to get married with consent of parents and 18 without. A girl's body is almost fully developed. She's well in to high school and starting to have a brain. But a 13 year old?

We either protect our 13 year olds or we cast them off into the cold, cruel world!

Make up your mind world, if ONE 13 year old is allowed and forced then ALL must be allowed and forced!

Me? If personally had a 13 year old who was like this I'd chain her to bed, spank her till she couldn't sit, but I wouldn't jeopardize her life or body forcing her to gestate and birth. Not at 13. Not at 14. Not even at 15.

And I'd be guilty of the worst crime for not teaching her what life was all about!

Every 11, 12, 13 or 14 year old girl should be FORCED into a maternity ward to watch "women" gestate and give birth. They should watch the whole process, right up to the point where all the people in the birthing room are looking at the "naked" women pushing the baby out, and seeing all the blood, all the pain, all the anguish for the woman doing the birthing.

Every girl that age should see the stretch marks on a woman's abdomen and breasts.

Every girl should be forced to change diapers for two months.

That's sex education!

Do you think a 13 year old would "do what it takes to get knocked up" if she went through all that with another woman's baby in an apprenticeship program?

Do you think a 13 year old girl would find that "sexy" and "romantic?"

Thank God, this 13 year old girl is saved the anguish of being such dumb ass! Oh, I'm sorry I fogot, she just a 13 year old girl. It will be a few more years before she comes to the realization of what a dumb ass she was! It's the job of parents to be responsible for the child and when parents don't exist it becomes the job of government. In this instace, Florida came to its senses and took the right route for the 13 year old girl who shouldn't be penalized further for her childish judgements.


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