Dianeís Ribs

No. Not literal. Well... Not figurative either!

Dianeís an old friend and she has a great way of making ribs and Iím going to share it with you!

Any kind of ribs work, so long as they are cut up. That means those thick ďcountry styleĒ as well as the rack of full sized or baby ribs (but you must cut them apart for best results).

The secret is, as Jack knows (thatís a little fast food humor for those in the Western U.S.), is the sauce!

Hereís Dianeís secret sauce (shhh.... donít tell anyone)!

Tomato sauce or Tomato Puree. Either works. A big can. One of those 20-24 ounce varieties.

Spices. Whatever you got, whatever you like!

Brown sugar.

Vinegar or lemon juice.

Onion. Chopped very fine.

This is done to taste, youíre taste!

Open the sauce and put it into a big bowl. Chop up half to a whole onion and put that into the bowl. Tenderizer, yeah if you have it and want it, use it! Salt. Pepper. Garlic if you want it. Worchester sauce if you want it. Now, add a little vinegar or lemon juice. Just enough to make it tart. Maybe an ounce or two. Dump in the brown sugar until it tastes bitter sweet.

Now, get a nice size pan. Line it with aluminum foil because this will get crusty!

Line up your ribs. Cover the entire things as far up as you like with the sauce. Ultimately you should only see the sauce, no ribs!

Pop it into an oven at 375-400, cover it with foil and let it steam for at least an hour. Then uncover it, turn over the ribs and let it cook some more.

What you want to see is the meat falling off the bone. Then itís ready!

Serve it up with what you like. Pour some of the hot sauce from the pan over the ribs on the plate!

Make up some garlic bread.

Eat and enjoy.

Normally you are looking at 1 Ĺ hours cooking time to even 2+ hours until the meat just starts to fall apart! You donít want it to puree, just fall freely!

You want all the meat marinated and baked in the sauce.

You want that sauce over the meat!



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