The Pentacle and The Pentagram

The pentagram is one of the most potentand powerful symbols for protection and recognition to pagans of all paths. It has been important to almost every ancient culture, from the Mayans of Latin America, to India, China, and Egypt. It has been found on the walls of Neolithic caves, and in Babylonian drawings. Scriptures are abundant with references to pentagrams.

The pentacle, a pentagram within a circle, represents the integration of body and spirit, and the mastery of the four elements. The pentacle is used in a number of Wiccan rituals. It is often worn as a symbol of recognition amongst practitioners, especially those who practice a code of secrecy.

The most common religious uses of the pentagram and pentacle are by Wiccan and Neopagan groups. In most Wiccan and Neopagan traditions, its symbolic meaning is derived from Medieval Ceremonial magick: the four elements ruled by the spirit. It can also symbolize the unity of mankind with the earth, with the realm of the spirit, and the human body. There are many variations of the pentacle and the pentagram and most pagans wear these in some form or another.

Most people see these symbols and assume that the people wearing them are mean and dangerous. In most cases this is not true. Pagans and followers of the paths are nature lovers who have families like everyone else and are usually very friendly. They pay taxes and contribute to charities. So next time you see someone wearing a pentacle don't be afraid.