Newsweek Got It Right

It’s now obvious that Newsweek got it right.

O.K. they didn’t get all the details accurate, but that magazine, using the right of a Free Press in America, did help bring to light and force the Military to look into and report back on Koran mishandling.

Let us remember that The Washington Post didn’t always get the Watergate stories perfectly right, but their work help bring out into the open an abuse of power within the structure of the Executive Office.

Newsweek broke a story they felt was reasonably accurate and noteworthy. Pressure was put on them due to events in Afghanistan over the report of Koran abuses which may or may not be accurate. We honestly still don’t know for sure and what didn't. But, we do know, based on past occurrences within Government and the Military, that government doesn't always come forward with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! A spin is often what is told to us. Newsweek may have gotten it totally right and we may not know about this for years until someone actually “deep throats” it out! Right now there is no “deep throat” on the Guantanimo and Iraqi prisoner issues.

Muslims around the world criticized Newsweek for the story, but now that some minor abuses to the Koran are coming to light and being talked about by the military power, they should be thankful that a Free Press in the United States makes an attempt to get to the truth, even though they might have gotten some of the details wrong.

Newsweek went out on a limb. They were on shaky ground, but they got at least part of the story correct. There were abuses to the Koran to be talked about. Maybe not as sever as flushing one down the toilet, but some abuses, be they accidental or on purpose, did occur and Newsweek was the first to talk about this issue.

Since then Newsweek retracted the story, apologized and is now being held in a low ebb of respect, just like recent issues in the New York Times cause that paper to have a tarnished halo.

Newsweek did their job right. They broke a story, maybe not the right story or the accurate story, but seeing as how there isn’t a pool reporter at Guantanimo given free access to all guards and prisoners, getting accurate information is not always easy.

The worst we can say about Newsweek is they stooped down a little and employed some “tabloid” journalism tactics, but this wasn’t about Britney Spears or Carmen Diaz, this was about abuses in a military prison to Islamic national and their religious articles.

Newsweek was right is doing this, wrong as the story might be when all the pieces fall into place, and I hope others in the news media business don’t hold back when they are on shaky ground.

Every now and then the “New York Times” might have to look like the “New York Post” in order to uncover and break a story. In short, they have to go out on a limb and be exploitive, even if it turns out that didn’t get it quite right, otherwise we will have no truth. Sometimes innuendo burns a fire that helps to bright a few truths to light.

Is this irresponsible journalism? No. It’s going with what you have, as untrustworthy and inaccurate as it might be, because if you don’t go with it the truth may never come out and a cover up will succeed. Also, let's not forget we went to war in Iraq over inaccurate information that now showed to be untrustworthy. If Newsweek is untrustworthy, so is President Bush and Prime Minster Blair!

This is what a Free Press is all about and I’m glad we have one in this country, don’t you wish every country had one? Maybe we’d know about the truth of where terrorists are vacationing between their bombings if the press in some countries, that don’t have a free press, were to come out of the closet and report their own investigations.

On the scheme of things the CIA and British Intelligence got it all wrong with Iraq and 9/11. Newsweek got at least a little of it right, so their investigatory skills are in pretty good shape.

While we still haven’t found Weapons of Mass Destruction, we have found some small, but significant, Koran abuses at Guantanimo. That’s enough of a smoking gun for me!

Newsweek got it right and I hope they continue to go forward with gutsy journalism.


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