This movie has captured the imagination and admiration of the fans of Batman comics, who feel it is very true to the history of the comic book.

It is also felt that this Batman measures up to the comic book hero in literal size!

A very dark film, like the first in the series (which starred Michael Keaton) this installment deals more with the education of Bruce Wayne that leads to his becoming Batman. After his parents were murdered Bruce Wayne vanishes from Gotham City and goes out into the world alone to find himself and find answers.

Returning to Gotham much later he connects up with the man who invents weapons for his family’s company and sets up his Batman arsenal that allows him to fight crime in the city.

Unlike the previous Batman movies the bad guys in this film are more normal looking and not characters like Mr. Freeze.


Steven Spielberg has made his own adaptation of H.G. Wells classic novel, but don’t expect it to be anything like any other version you’ve seen!

This is more a personal version between Tom Cruise playing the lead character, Dakota Fanning who plays his young daughter and Justin Chatwin who plays his son.

While the original had the Martians coming in shell-like vehicles, in this one they are already here and underground, then they wake up and decide to come up for air and take over!

Cruise is a regular guy (in most of the other versions the hero’s were scientists or reporters) spending a weekend with his two kids from a broken marriage when: Kaboom! War is declared!

This movie, like the power “Independence Day” is more about the struggle of people to deal with the terror that is all around them.


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