Iraq Independence

It has now been just over a year since we “invaded” Iraq and a little more than six months since their “new government” starting getting a foot hold, even though the “real” government won’t be seen until next year after they approve a Constitution and hold another election under those rules.

A majority of Americans now have doubts about our involvement in the war, which most of us here at Issues felt from day one was another Vietnam. A true no-win situation that was going to cost more than it gained.

No one, however, can dispute the fact that Saddam was not a very nice man or leader. He was in the motif of some of the most infamous in history. His purges were like Stalin or Hitler. He was in the minority philosophical view within that country, but ruled absolutely by fear and intimidation. If some faction challenged him he would go in with his people and simply execute anyone randomly and make it known if the “bad” continues to happen more people will disappear. He is like the current insurgents. A terrorist.

The presence of America, the UK and others in the “multi-national” task force is helping to shape a new look in Iraq, but to be truthful we may not like how that shape takes hold 10 years down the line. It could end up being another Cuba or Iran, both of which are totally on the “outs” with us and neither of which like us very much in return.

One thing Iraq has going for it is the diversity of people, especially the Kurds. The Kurds and the Sunni may help keep Iraq from tipping over completely.

If Iraq tips completely to a new type of Iran, there will undoubted by civil war and it will be on several fronts including from the Kurdish areas, the Sunni strong holds and from outside border influences, putting up a strong fight as we are already partially seeing with the Sunni insurgents.

As it stands right now, some Sunni and most Kurds are going along with the program peacefully.

It is, however, doubtful that Iraq will remain a country that the U.S. can deal with on a equal basis with, say, the UK or even France, whom we often have issues with, but still like a lot.

Iraq may become a moderate Islamic country. Maybe even a progressive one, in which women have some say and in which minority views are at least tolerated, as opposed to Iran which clamps down on everything. Then, again, it can become just like Iran, with a Fundamentalist in charge behind the scenes.

What the U.S. would like to see, and in a way it would be good for the Iraqi’s as well, is a country hospitable enough that we can “outsource” with and build plants to make goods cheaply. A country that we can see the words Made in Iraq on labels (please note, we are now opening trade negotiations with Vietnam and may eventually see Made in Vietnam labels just like we currently see Made in China labels, this despite the fact Vietnam is still run by those evil “communists” that we fought for a decade or more and eventually lost to when we pulled out back in the 1970s).

Pulling out will do the same thing in Iraq. It could lead to civil war if done too soon. Many of us here at Issues don’t agree that staying in Iraq is the best thing for the health of our troops and our good name (or what's left of it) around the world, but we started something and we have to dig in, stay at least a little longer to make sure the new government that eventually gets created has a chance to work and possible make things a little better for the people of Iraq.

The average Iraqi will not take kindly to McDonald’s franchises or Kodak plants in their country at this time, but maybe in ten years of somewhat stable rule there might be a chance for this type of imperialism that we are famous for throughout history.

The chances, however, that we will approve of the political process in Iraq five years down the line is dim. Iraq embraces a belief system contrary to ours, one in which women and other minority views are held down to a degree. One in which they must triumph over everyone else. One in which there is no MTV, no Starbucks, no Budweiser, no Catalina swimwear, no Indian Casinos. This very dark, bleak type of society is very contrary to our way of life the California sunshine, New York Big Apple or glitzy Las Vegas motif!

The people elected Bush two times (well, once at least). The people seem to want Christianity in our government and schools, privatized retirements with no socialized security, brain dead people on feeding tubes forever and ever and 13 year old silly girls who get pregnant forced to give birth after we deny them sex education in schools.

The people are also going to end up with an Islamic Fundamentalist Government in Iraq.

We started this, we need to at least stay long enough to finish it and give it a chance to take hold, least another "Saddam" comes along and ruins everything, making our war dead seem like a mistake.

We wanted an independent Iraq and by George, if you’ll excuse the pun, we’re going to get it, like it or not and we may not end up liking what we get in five years! But, when all is said and done we will have caused it to happen. People do this all the time. They have children to carry on the line, but the children grow up contrary to the parents and go off in some direction that totally alienates all of them! That – and I’m sure the Las Vegas odds makers will agree with me – will be our fate in Iraq, but that is what we set out to do, isn’t it? We didn’t want to clone a White, Anglo Saxon, Protestant, Constitution Government of Republicans and Democrats who bad mouth each other politically. We set out to help create a totally free and independent Iraq, which is then allowed to take the direction based on the will of the people as a whole.

We may not like all the deaths, fighting, insurgent attacks or dead Iraqi politicians, but we started this blood bath and we need to remain at least another year to get things settled to the point where the blood bath can take place inside the politica arena of Parliament where it figuratively belongs, instead of literally on the streets with innocent people lying in pools of blood caused by their own kindred souls.

We may not like or believe in President Bush. We may not like or believe in the invasion of Iraq. We may not like the government of Iraq that eventually takes shape. But we started this mess and we need to stick it out, no matter what the cost, long enough to let it become the start of what it will become.

People helped the United States with its independence back in 1776 and some of those people aren’t happy with what we became. We are involved in helping Iraq become independent, let's see it through a bit further so it came become whatever it will become, let’s just not stay beyond that point. Then, let us "let live" what whatever it is that we helped to create, be it for better or worse...


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