Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

It’s been said that the kitchen (or bathroom) sponge (or rag) is the source of more germs and bacteria than anything else in the house! With that in mind we look at a new concept in the cleaning sponge, from Proctor and Gamble.

Made from a special material that disintegrates a little with each use, the Magic Eraser starts off looking very much like a fine porous sponge, similar to the yellow type that makes up a “scrubby” (you know, the one with the rough green pad on the top). That’s where the similarity ends.

The make-up of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a cleaning chemical that is quite safe, low in toxicity and chemical free enough to meet a lot of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules for use in areas where there are other chemicals about.

You wet the white, brick-like eraser “sponge” with water and then start cleaning! It’s that simple. As the white turns to gray or black, you rinse it out with fresh water and do your best to restore it to a white, then continue to clean.

Since the erase contains a cleaning compound it probably combats a lot of germs and bacteria, plus as you use it parts of it dissolve away on the surface (to do the cleaning) and with the water rinse. Two erasers cost about $2.50 and will last about a week or more depending on how much cleaning you are doing around the area.

It works on a lot of different stains too, including removing ball point ink off of some surfaces and crayon marks! It can clean almost any surface, too, from painted wood, to chrome, to steel, to car bodies, to plastic. We found sometimes it works best to wipe the surface dry with a cloth of piece of toweling if you want a clean sheen, as the Erase does leave behind a little “fog” on the surface. Thus, you think of it like waxing a car. You use the Erase to clean, then a soft dry rag to wipe off the residue. You don’t have to do this everywhere, but on some surfaces where you want a clean, shinny look this is the way to go. For a kitchen or bathroom counter top, just a wipe with a wet Mr. Clean Eraser will suffice!

It works great with a bucket of water, just like a regular household sponge, except you don’t need soaps or cleaning sprays. Just stick the Erase in, wring it out a bit and use it. When it gets dirt, put it back into the bucket and squeeze it out again!

It’s that simple!


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