From your Editors... 

Summer has arrived!

In our Features This month in our Special Cover Feature you can "Delare Your Independence" with a world-wide listing of festivals and events, along with some really good articles on summer foods like a 15 pound hamburger or our really good article on the "World’s Smallest Burger." Our other feature pieces include an article on college and one on what it was like to live and move from Chicago to Los Angeles in "Chicago, Los Angeles and Upstate NY".

We also start our second installment of the "A Concise History of America" by taking a look at what happened next in 1776.

Our other "Non-Fiction" takes a look at Iraq Independence.

A bulk of the Issues articles cover our most valuable resource...our children. With one article talking about "The Stripper and the Teenager" and another one on What is a Child?.

In our Lifestyles we look at happiness and a yummy recipe. Plus our continuing saga on religion brings us to Protestantism and how an declaration or avowal can start a whole different religion.

In Technology we tell you about a really neat software program for astrology, monitors in "Computer Monitors", and a product reivew on Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It cleans like magic!

Our movie reviews can be found in the Entertainment section as well as our artist pages and what is new on TV, including a look at the new NBC limited series "Revelations" and the continuing saga of "Veronica Mars." We have the latest in music and what is good to read. So check it out!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out on the Back Page, which is also found in the Lifestyle section. So check back with us and read up on the Issues!

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