Going Back for That Degree

What do you do if your job tells you that it would be in your interest to get a degree and they would pay for most of it? Why, you go after that degree!

Anymore, to get anywhere, you have to have at least a Bachelor Degree in something. Doesn’t make any difference what the degree is in as long as you have it. A friend of mine has a degree in teaching and yet works in the accounting field. She is one of the first ones to get a promotion when they come up. See?

I am working on getting mine and this is a brief synopsis on the school I go to for accelerated classes. All that accelerated is that you take one class for three hours a week for five weeks. You can get a Bachelor Degree in three years or less, depending if you double your courses.

Indiana Institute of Technology
1600 East Washington Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Unique information:
Indiana Institute of Technology names several reasons why students choose their school including the 22to 1 student/teacher ratio, the hands-on format of all classes, and the ability to relate between faculty, staff, and students. The school reports that this is a university where students are the focal point.

List of firms that most frequently hire graduates: Chrysler Corp., DANA, Ford Motors, General Electric, General Motors, IBM.

List of graduate schools most often selected by recent graduates: U of Dayton, Indiana u - Purdue U Fort Wayne, U of Michigan, U of Toledo, and Washington State U.
5 % of students who go to graduate school immediately.
12 % of students who go to graduate school within one year.
25 % of students who go to graduate school with in two or more years.
90 % of students who got a job in their field of study within two years of graduation.

If your job will help you get a degree then go for it! You can use a degree anywhere, especially in your present job. A bigger degree equals more money! You do the math!

Indiana Tech
Indiana Colleges Online

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