What is a Child?

How do we define what a child is when we insist they start school the minute they are born. Daniel Webster defines a child as “One strongly influenced by another or by a place or state of affairs, or a young person between the periods of infancy and youth.” We expect our children to act like children while we push them into nursery school before they can say “Da Da” or “Momma.” Or stop needing a diaper change. I wonder what happened to the time when a child was allowed just to be what it was, simply a child who learned by play and from parents who were there when they were needed. With today’s attitudes along with the economy parents are not care- givers, but moneymakers whose goals are to supply themselves and their offspring with “THINGS” instead of a wholesome loving environment that surrounds the home-life with all the nurturing and understanding needed to have each child succeed in life.

. Along the road when things go wide of the mark parents say, “What did I do wrong.” Well I say look in the mirror and ask yourselves what is more important, family, love and understanding, or money?

Then there is the single parent household in which society accepts this situation as nonchalantly as brushing your teeth in the morning. Before Rowe vs. Wade girls were sent away to have their babies in private and given up for adoption or taken into the family as a child of a dead relative. The only thing that court decision did was to make it possible for girls to choose whether or not to have the baby and give it up as before or get an abortion. We do not teach abstinence to our children today. I am not against abortion and this is not the focus of this writing. I neither condone it nor accept it. But it is the right of a woman or as in this case the right of a child of 13 to say what happens to her own body. Government has no right to say what a woman can or cannot do with the body that God gave her. She has to answer to Him not some idiots in a hall who sit around flapping their gums at one another. And I might add most of them are men. Ask them what they would do if they had to birth a baby. I bet you couldn’t get any of them to say they would do it.

Our society is on the downslide when we force a young girl of 13 to have a child when she is still a child herself. As R. Madding states in his article about this girl that she is a dumb ass. Well who made here this way? Society is to blame in that the girl was a ward of the state of Florida where children get lost in the system. There was also the news story of the little girl that was lost in the system and her mother couldn’t find her and the “Child Protection Agency” didn’t know where she was either. It was later found that the child had died of abuse in a foster home and it was not reported. This and the 13 year-old from the State of Florida!? If the “Sunshine State” can’t clean it’s own house and take care of the children in their charge how can they tell a pregnant 13year-old girl what she can do with her body. She is barely able to understand the meaning of what has happened to her at that age. I myself can remember the day I came into womanhood and that was the only thought on my mind. Not sex, I didn’t have any idea what that was and I didn’t suffer for not having that knowledge till I turned 16. I was a child and nothing else. But that is another story I’d rather not air here.

If we as a society cannot give our children the proper guidance needed to fulfill their lives we are destined to a great failure and extinction. We treat children as a commodity and we are a throw away society. Such is the fate of many children of abuse and the system that needs revamping badly

NO society has ever lasted more than 256 years and ours is fast approaching that line. Wake up world and smell the coffee. Children are our heritage and we are the nurturers. What will we leave behind but a bunch of sex crazed mindless idiots who can’t think for themselves past dropping their drawers and hopping into the sack with anything that comes along? “THINK ABOUT THE ALTERNATIVE”


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