Astro For Windows

A very good Astrology program demo that has a 30 day trial period and provides a good natal, transit and compatibility chart with delineation.

To really make the best of this software you need to know your birth time down to the minute, if possible, and your location as compared to the closest city and country or state in the database. Once you do this you will get a surprising accurate, yet concise chart and supporting text.

This software provides accurate house cusps using a variety of formats including Equal House, Koch (the modern method), Placidus (ancient or traditional method), M House, Campanus, Regiomantus and Morinus methods of placing the division lines for the 12 houses based on your place and time of birth. You can also select from Sidereal or Tropical chart formats.

You can easily customize the color scheme of the chart as displayed on your screen as well as the printing colors and formats. This applies to both the graphics and text elements.

You can chose what elements to show in a given chart by the clicking of a selector box.

The charts show the various planets and their aspects together, plus houses in their signs. You have the options to work with Part of Fortune, Nodes, Coeli, Vertex and East Point.

All in all this demo is very detailed and professional in what it brings to the user, which is often far more than the average “horoscope” fan would know how to use! Still those elements familiar to everyone are fully covered and you get a good chart interpretation, even though it’s a bit on the sparse side.

If you like the demo you can buy versions priced at $45 to a $130 professional version that lets you add your own name to elements, customize charts and reports, do progressed charts and fancier birth time rectification.

There are demos that work on older Windows, as well as 98 and ME.

For more information or a copy of the demo go to:


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