War Of Rhetoric

It has now been several days since the interim Iraqi ruling council has taken charge of the country. Nothing more than the usual hit and run battles or car bombs have happened since the hand over of rule from the U.S. to the Iraq council.

Only a few days before that happened Islamic militants vowed to assassinate Iraqi interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi. The rhetoric here comes from Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his group, Monotheism and Jihad have claimed responsibility for two of the beheadings, including Kim Sun-il and Nicholas Berg. In a taped message they state they will continue their fight until "until Islamic rule is back on Earth."

Most recently Saddam Hussein, appearing in an Iraqi court, definitely saying the "real criminal" was President Bush and that when he was charged by the court with invading Kuwait he said: "I'm surprised you're charging me with that as an Iraqi, when everyone knows that Kuwait is part of Iraq."

From our own ranks we claimed we invaded Iraq because Saddam was in possession of “weapons of mass destruction” and to this day we find no weapons not already in the possession of many people in the United States!

The Middle East flare-up has, always will be and will probably continue to be a war of total rhetoric.

We take this time, which we normally donate to summer fun (and you will still find that, continued from our last issue, elsewhere inside this issue) and take a long hard look at Government, Religion in general, Islam in a specific profile, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and from our past issues the Iraq prisoner abuses, the events of 9-11 and the World Trade Center, plus from our first issue we look at the continuing crisis in Jerusalem to achieve some background on just what is behind all this rhetoric.

Our Look At Terrorism, War, Politics and Religion
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