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Schools Close In India After Fire

About 1/3 of the privately owned schools located in India (all of which have hatched roofs) were ordered closed and they were given one week to replace the roofing with cement or other flame proof materials.

90 Children between the age of 6 and 14 were burned to death in a fire last week at a private school with a thatched roof. About 90 other children were injured and 10 still remain hospitalized after the fire, which broke out in the kitchen and spread to the thatched roof of classrooms which had only one exit, no sprinklers or fire alarms. Many children trapped inside attempted to scratch at the brick or cement walls trying to escape the flames and smoke.

Intellegence Overstated Or Slanted Iraq Weapons Potential

A bipartisan Senate committe concluded that the CIA and others, slanted or overstated Iraq weapons potential based upon heresay or in some instance false information.

Kerry Picks Edwards

Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry picked political rival in the primary elements John Edwards as his running mate.

Iraqi Group Threatens Insurgent Leader

In a 'turn-about-is-fair-play' action, a group of masked Iraqi nationals has threatened to kill Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi if he, and other non-Iraq insurgents, don't leave the country immediately.

al-Zarqawi's group has claimed two beheadings, one of an American and one of a South Korean. The group has also threatened to assasinate the current interim head of the Iraq Council.

Issues Editor On CBS Local News In Albany

Our own Earl R. Dingman was interviewed by the CBS Affiliate in Albany, NY today outside the Issues office about the controversy over Joseph's House, a shelter for the homeless, moving across the street from the Issues office.

Earl was astonished there was any controversy at all, consider Joseph's House is already only two blocks away near Russell Sage College and seems to get along in the area just fine!

Amnesty To Insurgents?

One of the first things the new ruling council in Iraq is doing might be granted amnesty to all insurgents, even those who killed American soliders in the last year or so.

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