Can this Country Survive?
Terrorism in the United States

The world is fast becoming a place so uninviting that the human race needs to step back and take a stand against the atrocities being enacted upon unsuspecting persons in Iraq. Granted, the United States military is guilty of mishandling prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison and has cast a foreboding shadow on the pride of our beloved country. But we are not barbaric enough to behead human beings in the name of our religion.

Osama bin Laden called us infidels. The definition of “infidel” according to Webster is (1.) “One who is not a Christian or opposes Christianity.” ( 2.) An unbeliever especially with respect to a particular religion.” The United States was founded on the idea of freedom of religion. How can we be infidels when we do believe in a higher power?

The Al Qaeda has no values when it comes to human life. When the North Korean citizen Kim Sun-il pleaded for his life on the TV news just a few weeks ago, the world knew the inevitable outcome that he would die. Jordanian terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi appears to have eclipsed Osama bin Laden as the single most dangerous threat to U.S. interests in the world today. U.S. officials suspect that Zarqawi—who is believed to have orchestrated the recent beheadings of American contractor Nicholas Berg and South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il.

The guerilla’s become human bombs and commit suicide so that other innocents are killed. Attorney General John Ashcroft warned on June 24th that Al Qaeda planned “to hit the United States hard” in the next few months, U.S. intelligence officials were privately divided about whether the government had obtained any fresh information that justified such an extraordinary public announcement. These barbarians will not stop until our government pulls the curtain of denial from their eyes. Just as it did when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the government refuses to see the storm coming that will destroy the calm and peace in our society.

President Bush sent the country into a tailspin with his shenanigans in getting even with Saddam Hussein and his contract to kill the senior president Bush during the Gulf War. The United States is now in a fight that was totally unnecessary until the terrorists came to our shores to put fear in the hearts of US citizens. What happened to the togetherness that happened during the 9/11 incident? We have lost the will to be a united society and have become complacent and self-centered. If President Bush is not careful and doesn’t listen to his advisers the war will soon be fought on United States soil. Intelligence has given its warnings. There is one and only one way to stop the terrorism and that is to give one final fatal blow to the source of the problem. Wiping it out completely with one felled swoop. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi has threatened to kill the new Iraqi prime minister when, by the time this article appears, the fatality may well have taken place since the turn over of the government to the new prime minister. What other incentive does Bush need that will spur him to end this senseless killing in a country that has been at odds with its enemies for centuries? No government has lasted more than 256 years (but England) and the United States is fast reaching the line. If the great awakening does not come soon countries like Iraq and terrorists like Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi will rule our shores. Will we see heads on spikes lining the roads as the Romans did to the Christians before Christ walked the earth?

Wake Mr. Bush and wake up America!

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