Saddam Hussein

Born Apr 28, 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq he attended Cairo University in Egypt and Mustanseriya University in Baghdad, Iraq, where he adopted revolutionary views and became a part of the revolutionary Baath Party.

He became politically active in 1958 at the age of 18 and at 19 he attempted to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Abudul Karim Kassim. That effort failed and Hussein, wounded in the leg during the attempt, left Iraq for Syria and eventually Egypt where he apparently continued his education at the University in Cairo.

In 1968 was majority involved in an Iraqi revolt that brought the Baath party to power under Gen. Ahmed Hassan Bakr.

For his part in this effort he was made Vice President and Hussein began building a network of secret police (loyal to him, of course) who would take care of any dissidents. In 1979 he deposed Bakr and became the President of Iraq.

Like Stalin in Russia, Saddam Hussein began “purging” anyone who opposed him from government. Any dissident, anyone not a “yes man” was on his hit list.

When the Kurds invaded Northern Iraq in the early 1980’s Hussein used chemical weapons against them. He was bent on dominating the Muslim world and attacked several other nearby nations, including Iran, with whom Iraq faced an 8 year war that yielded no victor. The ruling family of Saudi Arabia had been notified of Saddam’s intentions to invade and dominate nearby Muslim nations from Osama bin Laden, but the Saudi’s didn’t pay much attention to this until 1990 when Iraq, under Hussein’s rule, invaded Kuwait and declared it to be the 19th province of Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden were about to take action when the United States offered to take charge of this matter. Saudi Arabia aligned itself with the U.S. and helped with logistical support, which snubbed Osama bin Laden (and he eventually launched attacks against U.S. military and political targets).

After defeat in which U.S. forces were practically about to enter Baghdad, the U.S. forces pulled back and left Saddam Hussein in power. Within a few years Hussein, how under harsh U.S. and international supervision for his banned weapons programs, such as the chemical weapons used against the Kurds and Iranians, rebuilt his empire, military and secret police squad.

Hussein was driven from power in 2003 by a joint US/British invasion of Iraq. He was found this year in a bunker and taken into custody by U.S. forces, who still oversee his confinement, but have turned over legal authority to procecute Saddam Hussein to the interim Iraq governing council who is now in the process or pre-trail actions against the former President and dictator of Iraq.

Saddam states that President "Bush is the real criminal" and that Iraq had a right to invade Kuwait, because "everyone knows" Kuwait is a part of Iraq.

He still declares himself to be President of Iraq and doesn't acknowledge the authority of the current government or courts to bring him to trial.

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