We Must Not Lose To Racism

The greatest tragedy for the globe is taking place now, which is threatening to eliminate whatever achievements we have been able to make since the World War Two in terms of democratic and human rights, civil liberties, fundamental freedoms, rule of law and international law! For this two men will be judged harshly in history that is now being written in blood, massacres and xenophobia! This will ensure that Mr Tony Blair would have secured a place in history with George Bush: but not the way he had wanted it. They would be remembered and hated for murdering all the ideals we worked for so hard and so long to achieve: the ideals that have given us a set of values to suggest that the due process of law is the ultimate measurement of civilisation. The posters in Texan Ranches saying wanted dead or alive or the cowardice phrases like "smoke ‘em out" do not define civilisation.

By the way the so called clash of civilisations or two civilisations is nothing but a created myth! The whole world is under the domain of globalised capitalism and there is only one economic system dictated by global market place! Hence we have only one civilisation in the face of globalised capitalism. Religions are not civilisations. Yet Mr Bush and Mr Blair went to war! Since that ill fated day we have seen enormous change in the UK! Massive hatred, anarchic hysteria and Islamophobia/Muslimophobia and all other phobias including phobias against refugees, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers began to take shape and finally all these have managed to begin to destroy all these ideals and values we hold so close to our hearts. This phobia and hatred now polarising the whole world!

In Britain we have made significant advancements towards eliminating racism and all other forms of discrimination and prejudices, particularly in the nineties! Now they are eroding fast! People and media organisations are feeling so confident that they are now coming out with colours in promoting racial hatred, prejudices and massive attack on anything minority!

No Muslims in their right minds would fail to feel revulsion, nausea and a sense of utter disgust towards what this Mr Hamza says or tries to preach! Let me make it absolutely clear! There is no support for him in the Muslim communities! Yet he had some supporters! Well, Saddam had some of these people even when he went down! These people are not part of the Muslim communities I am referring to the way the so called supporter of Saddam were not part of the Iraqi people!

If one looks carefully Mr Hamza is a disabled person who had lost an eye and arm! Anyone trying to make this become a joke and use this to create a horrendous joke out is equally revolting and vulgar as Mr Hamza's horrendous opinions! But no one feels disgusted about this!

Now I don't think many people heard of Mr Hamza until the press got hold of him! He does not enjoy any crowd willing to support his utter rubbish opinions and to be frank no one gives a damn as to what he thinks!

But this is not about Mr Hamza or his disgusting opinions but about the ideals and values I refer earlier! So long the due process of law is concerned, the rule of law is concerned and the constitutional law, European and international laws are concerned Mr Hamza is a British citizen! Hence he must be afforded the same protection of the law as it has been afforded to even worse criminals like Myra Hindly or serial killers or rapist or paedophiles or mass murderer like West or Dr Shipman! Mr Hamza's crime so far proven is his lunatic opinions! This could be seen as a crime in line with exciting racial hatred and even public order related crimes! Let the police charge him on these crimes and try him with the astonishing judicial system we have got about which the whole world looks up on Britain!

No this is not happening here! Everyone is trying to scream including the Home Office to take his nationality away! Why? Because he is a Muslim! Has anyone ever considered doing that to mass murderer Dr Shipman? To West? To all other horrendous criminals that are serving multiple life sentences? No! Why not? Rightly so! Because whatever crime they had committed our judicial system followed the due process of law and punished them! Their nationality is not the issue! A prudent judicial system which Britain should be proud to have in place and working cannot work at all if it has to respond to public hatred or public zeal or public desire or demands for vengeance!

In Mr Hamza's case it is happening because the Afghanistan and Iraq war have created the grounds that have sown the seed of phobia and hatred. When Bask Terrorists attack in Spain no one says that Christian terrorists attacked! When IRA used to plot bombs no one said Christian terrorists! When Maoist guerrillas bomb somewhere no one says they are Buddhist terrorists! When American bombs their own country or sends in Anthrax no one says they are Christian’s terrorists! When terrorists bomb India no one says they are Hindu terrorists! When Israeli occupation forces massacre Palestinian children no one says that it was Jewish terrorists' work but only when terrorists come with Islamic names they are reported Islamic terrorists! They are Muslim terrorists! Why is this! Simple! It is the phobia! There were and still is phobia against Jews in the world! There are even stronger a phobia now developed by the hysteria against Muslims!

People from all over the world have become British and we are not going to get in to the question: how, here! No one in their right minds could think of a Britain of mono-lingual, mono religious and mono-cultural! Britain has learnt how to foster diversity and I am proud of it! But it is no longer the case! Racism has taken a "yes but syndrome" and hence now officially it is justifiable to express racist views, carry on promoting racial hatred, prejudices and bias under the “yes-but syndrome”.

This is the cost Tony Blair has made Britain to pay! Mr Hamza is not at all a factor to British Muslim communities and he will be forgotten! And if remembered would only be as the holder of nauseating and revolting opinions! This is not about him! It is about the values we fought so hard and long to achieve and establish here! When BNP seeks to promote racial hatred and works to promote equally vulgar, disturbing, revolting filthy racist opinions and even talk of civil wars no one screams to take their nationality away! No one wants to see them prosecuted! But Mr Hamza is an easy target because he is a "Muslim"! This is nothing but racism coming back with a vengeance! As British citizen anyone not working or disable or ill or in whatever circumstances is legally entitled to get statutory benefits! Mr Johnson gets it! Mr Obacumba gets it! Mrs Naido gets it! Mr Ahmed gets it! Mr Hamza gets it! This is no one's pocket money that we should scream when it is Mr Hamza! This happens because we have law and rule of law! Just because we are the taxpayers does not make us immune from following the law! Just because we are taxpayers does not mean we can be racists! We can discriminate and promote lawlessness! No we cannot! Because Britain has rule of laws and that is why we do not have Hitlers! We do not have Stalins! We do not have Saddam Hussain here but if we loose to hatred, racism, prejudice and phobia then we will have them here sooner than we think!

We might win the battles in Iraq but we are losing the war here! We are losing our democratic values, our libertarian ideals, we are losing rule of law, we are losing due process of law and we are losing even the values of European Union, we are losing and getting away from international law!

Britain must wake up now to face the reality and begin to work to undo the damages Mr Blair has done to the fabrics of British values, ideals and system in his efforts to ensure a place in history! Well he has a place but that is the dustbin of history! He will go and someone else would become prime minister! This is not relevant! But we must not lose to racism! We must not lose to hatred! We must not lose to phobia, bias, prejudice, ignorance and vengeance! We must rise up to oppose these horrible monsters that are as horrendous as the opinions Mr Hamza or BNP hold or express!

Munayem Mayenin

Munayem Mayenin writes all genres of creative writings, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology. He writes and lives in London. He is the author of: The Son of Eternity: Second Poetry Collection. ISBN: 1-4137-2545-7, among other books and magazine articles.

email: Mmayenin@aol.com

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