Military Accountability

President Reagan died recently and the nation, indeed the world, mourned his passing. One thing they reminded us of was his outspendng the U.S.S.R. on military. How that drove communism into bankruptcy and brown down the walls, ending the cold war.

Reagan gave us Star Wars. The B-1 bomber. Stealth. ABMs. President Reagan spent billions on a homeland defense fund designed to keep those dirty commies from making a sneak nuclear attack on our soil.

In movies like Top Gun, Dr. Strangelove, Red October, Indepdenence Day and Blackhawk Down we see that the U.S. can scramble an imensely powerful military force into land, sea and air within microseconds to fight off our enemies!

We have been told since the 1950's and the President Eisenhower administration that NORAD (North American Defense Command) and SAC (Strategic Air Command) that we have up to a 60 minute warning about a sneak nuclear attack and we have Minute Man Missles and other Anti-Balstic Missiles that can blow those nukes up before they strike our cities and farms.

So, where the hell was all this big, fancy, high tech, military stuff that was supposed to be actively in place since 1956 when 9-11 happened?

The 9-11 panel states that air traffic control knew the Washington DC flight was off course and possibly hijacked. They knew this for a full 36 minutes and managed to dispatch an unarmed military plane to check out that flight. A plane that could do nothing when al-Quaida hijackers pointed it at the Pentagon, successfully crashing that jet liner into the command center of the U.S. Military!

If we really don't have an air defense stragety. If we really don't have missles and Star Wars. If all we can scramble on 36 minutes notice is an un-armed military cargo plane, where are all these trillions of defense dollars going?

The day Pearl Harbor was attacked our radar saw the planes coming in, but did nothing because they thought it was a training mission. Almost 60 years later an enemy far smaller than Japan did just as much damage in a sneak attack and we saw it all on radar and dispatched one un-armed military cargo plane to investigate! And that cargo plane watched a jet crash into our Military Headquarters, the Pentagon! How ironic!

But the real unanswered question is where did all our tax dollars since 1956 for defense go? If all we can muster is a single cargo plane, what happened to the trillions, not billions, but trillions of dollars in military spending that has happened since 1956!? Do you know how much health care that could buy? It could bail out Social Security. It could solve the education crisis and pay for zillions of new teachers with much higher salaries. Where'd the dough go?! If we don't really have a Strategic Air Command why are we financing it with billions of tax dollar each year?!

I think it's time we had some accountability from the military over the spending issue. It strikes me if all we can muster is a cargo plane with the current military budget that we are in serious problems and any nation in the world can wipe out the city of Chicago with great ease and it will takes us weeks to launch an counter measures. And that's scary! It makes me want to build a bomb shelter, because I sure don't think I can count on Uncle Sam to keep me safe at work, play or when I sleep...

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