Lines Drawn

Brother of man where do you stand
When lines are drawn?
He created all as one when His job was done.
Our eyes are the deceivers to nonbelievers.
Whom do we blame, why are we not the same?
What does it matter when you think of the latter?

Brother of man where do you stand
When you look upon this land?
First is not really first
And the last will not be last.
Walk a mile in whose shoes you see
Each grain of sand was once a part
Of a mighty rock washed away by the sea.
That, which changes, is still the same.

Brother of man where do you stand?
Different were you not when life began.
Pigmented color reflects only light.
Strength rebuilds mountains
Mucilage binds each grain.
Hand to hand we can rebuild this land.
Look beyond the past
The future is cast not in what we did,
But what we do.

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