Johnny Sings The Blues

“You know, folks, a certain President, who shall remain namless, has an awful lot of money in his war chest for re-e-lection...”

I though about turning down my party's nomination temporarily, so that I wouldn't be tied down to contribution limits which might allow me to raise the spending money in my own war chest, but I decided against that. Yes, indeed. I decided to be a real, honest for goodness underfinanced, underdog. Besides my Harris Poll numbers are holding while a certain President who shall remain nameless is, in the world of Fleetwood Mac, "Fallin' Fallin' Fallin...!"

Some people say I'm having a hard time picking someone to run with. Well, in the words of Otis, "I'm just sitting on the dock of bay, watching the tide roll away..." Biding my time and seeing who might come along and help get those Harris points up (or at least not hurt them much). So, ya'll just remember that:

“The times they are a channnnn-y-annnging!”

“Yeah, and for my next number I’d like to dedicate it to my rival Georgey boy, to help bring his sprits up about all that chatter over prisoner abuse and it's called: "Jail House Rock!" And uh-one and uh-two and ua-three...

Editor's note: This is a satrical commentary, protected by the U.S. Constitution plus the "fair use" and "satirical" provisions of the U.S. Copyright act.

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