Free Ram XP v1.40

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a computer person. I am doing good if I can figure out how to turn it on let alone know what kind of software I need. But I have to talk about Free Ram XP because I believe that it is one of the best of the freewares out there.

Some one had taken my Gateway and reconfigured it for me taking the Microsoft Windows XP operating system that it came with off and putting something else on instead. When he did that he partitioned the drive for me so I wouldn’t crash it again.

He put Free Ram XP on it for the easiness of having free memory all the time. It seems, he explained to me, that every time that you surf the net, open programs, and navigate windows it eats up your RAM (random access memory) and can freeze up your computer and make it harder to use.

After we went our separate ways I kept my computer the way he had fixed it because, let’s face it, I wouldn’t know how to do anything with it anyway. So I use the Free Ram and I love it. It continuously monitors and cleans my memory and helps keep my computer running smoothly. And best of all it is freeware! That means that it doesn’t cost anything! Free!

I keep my computer up most of the time. I have cable Internet, which is pricey, but worth the money. The Free Ram monitors my memory automatically and I rarely have to do anything. Sometimes some evil application will try to rob me of my RAM, but with Free Ram XP I have no fear that I will crash or freeze. It keeps the memory clean! I love it and recommend it to anyone who has a computer!

Here are a few sites where you can get this freeware and some other shareware things.

Voodoo Files

Your Ware Solutions

PC World

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