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Dear Editors:

Re: Biblical Marriage

As a gay person, and a poet/writer whose works have appeared in your magazine, may I say that I am extremely shocked by your publishing Biblical Marriage, by C. Kerr (Issues Magazine/March, 2004).

Christianity is not the only belief and value system in the universe, and all Christians do is "judge, lest they be judged." If God had the nerve to show his spineless and abstract self, he would surely tremble at the very thought of Christianity (an empty, hateful, and homophobic belief and value system). Christianity is a dead-end, one-way (harsh, inflexible, and rigid) road, and it's about time that people realize it. If Christians are truly representative of Heaven, I surely do not want to go there.

The late Rock Hudson (who I use as a positive, gay role model) was ill advised to star in the movie, The Spiral Road (a movie that embraces Christianity).

Very Sincerely,

Len Bourret
Poet and Writer
e-Mail Writer:

It is the policy of Issues Magazine to present as many different viewpoints on any issue as is possible and the issue of gay marriage listed above ("Biblical Marriage") was one of three differing points of view presented in the same issue. There were two other points of view, one of which supported the continued legality of gay marriages or marriage in any form, from Dan Davis ("Attack On The Sanctity of Marriage") and another ("Marriage") by H. Franswalter supported the concept of "legal unions" for everyone and anyone.

We don't present views because they are safe or politically correct, but because they reflect people and feelings (positive or negative) that will enlighten our readers on the various issues that face the world...

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