You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Seisint Inc., has a data base calls MATRIX that profiled120,000 potential terrorists to the government, of whom 5 were involved in 9-11, 45 were otherwise known to the government already and 30 were considered new potential leads.

The ACLU says no one should sleep comfortably so long as companies like Seisint Inc., and data bases like MATRIX exist.

Fine, but you can’t have it both ways.

We can’t persecute the FBI, CIA, City of New York and President Bush for not knowing about 9-11 in advance if we tie our hands when it comes to profiling.

Profiling does work. It’s based on scientific principals in which nationality, politics, religion, hobbies, interests and recent communications (all of which are available through public information searches) all lead to a conclusion that you are an Islamic radical who hates America, visited Hamas headquarters in Saudi Arabia, trained at a Libyan camp, chant Anti-American slogans and have been taking courses learning how to fly a 757 Jumbo Jet, however your occupation is gardener, which gives you access to nitrates and explosive fertilizer compounds.

OK, enough said? The FAA and flight schools are supposed to call up the FBI and say “we have an Arab who can barely write English who wants to learn to fly a 747” and then we are supposed to capture him and prevent him from flying a plane into the World Trade Center, but Government can’t use a data base like MATRIX to learn of potential people who should be at least given a once over.

Innocent until proven guilty? Guilty until cleared?

Hey, maybe one day someone will leave an A-bomb near the ACLU main offices in New York and then some of the liberals might stop whining let us at least look at people!

What is profiling? A man who has a history of having sex with children, who has been in jail five times for rape, who gets released from prison. We aren’t supposed to put out a notice to the place where he now lives that maybe we should keep an eye on him, since he lives across the street from a grammar school?

Not one should be arrested for being on the MATRIX data base. No one should be denied a typical common job for being on the MATRIX data base. But if someone is on that data base we should check them out before giving them a job at the airport or letting them take a course in flying a 747. We should also have enough “probable cause” to get a search warrant to check their rent-a-shed storage center for explosives and other terrorist devices. If none are found, it should be entered into the MATRIX data base and eventually the person should be removed for lack of bad intentions.

But you can’t have it both ways. We either violate some privacy in the name of keeping planes from flying into buildings or we stop saying “we should have known better” for the ways we “know better” may tend to violate the Constitution.

Do terrorists have rights under the U.S. Constitution? If we find an Islamic Militant with an a-bomb strapped to their body and note saying they die for Islam and to defeat the U.S Devil do we let them go because we didn’t have probably cause to stop and search them before they entered the White House?

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