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Did you know that Mars (Ruler of the sign Aries, co-ruler of the sign Scorpio) rules the day Tuesday? Of all the planets, Mars is the most destructive. Mars rules arguments; explosive energy and war like nature’s result very often from this planet’s influence. When Mars’s approaches during the waxing moon the influence is less damaging and more likely to lend itself to directive power. When Mars’s approaches during the waning moon it is considered darker and can have a very destructive effect, causing arguments and unwarranted challenges, disagreements and wars. Mars can cause sudden outbursts without cause or reason. Avoid serious discussions on Tuesdays if possible. Mars is a potent planet and the influence shouldn’t be mocked or ignored. The planet’s ruling hours on Tuesday are one o’clock in the morning, eight o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the afternoon and ten o’clock at night.

In the next series of Astrology Tips we will take an in depth look of personal aspects and how they can effect out lives. I hope you have enjoyed this series on the daily planet influence. If you’ve missed any part of this series, back issues are available by writing the editor and some are available directly online.

Aries   May 21 – April 19

July – The fires are burning in your heart. Dreams appear through the smoke and are apparent. Signals are clear and you’re free to take the next step.

Keyword: Sign

August – Darker thoughts can be corrected with a purer view. Surround your self with all the good and your sweet summer soul will emerge.

Keyword: Right

Taurus    April 20 – May 20

– Time is on your side now. Having conquered you can put away your sword and pursue the more lofty desires this month. Get out the lure cause the fish are biting.

Keyword: Enticement

August – Now is the time to take that special someone into your arms. If they were going to run away they would have long ago. Every side is seen. Go for it!

Keyword: Commence

Gemini   May 21 – June 21

July – A brighter star is in your path. Follow it to avoid a dimmer view these next few weeks. The results will be lasting and will also have a reflective effect on your sweet heart.

Keyword: Chivvy

August – The only thing separating you from your dreams is involvement. Your wants and needs will be answered. Dive in the deep in and you will come up with the answer.

Keyword: Sharing

Cancer   June 22 – July 22

July – True interest in your coworkers will remove any doubts about you in the work place. You are deep and caring. Conversation is the path and listening can break through any boundary.

Keyword: Discover

August – Your search for the perfect love will lead your current relationship to an end. Is that what you really want. Then prepare a search party to last a life time.

Keyword: Disillusion

Leo   July 23 – August 22

July – It’s said time and time again that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true and you only have to show up, no words are needed to convey your inner thoughts.

Keyword: Intrinsic

– Keep your promises. If you have to bow out at the last minute then do so with a gift or donation. Everyone will understand and anticipate your next commitment.

Keyword: Sincerity

Virgo   August 23 – September 22

July Every one makes mistakes, especially during time of stress. The most important you can do this month is avoid distraction no matter how tempting the lure

Keyword: Heed

August – Family members will make demands that may seem out of the ordinary. Look closely as it’s attention they are really asking for. Plan a trip this summer to include everyone.

Keyword: Love

Libra   September 23 – October 22

July – What appears and disappears isn’t what is there. Mystery hides the truth from your eyes. Look at all the clues. You will solve this puzzle and it will be worth the trouble.

Keyword: Cloak

August – Surprised is the dominating vibration for you these next few weeks. Avoid doing anything out of the ordinary, as there will be enough unexpected changes to contend with

Keyword: Unanticipated

Scorpio   October 23 – November 21

July –This month will be simple for the psychic Scorpio and yet as you move through, so much will be revealed. Avoid looking toward the end of the book. There is no last page.

Keyword: Continue

August – Love is the key to the road in front of you.. Don’t run away from honesty and appreciation or from the people that see and care about your destiny. Pay close attention to intuition.

Keyword: Glimmer

Sagittarius   November 22 – December 21

July – Refresh the thought but don’t abandoned the idea. You just need a little more fun in your life. You’ve been given a wonderful vibration to explore. Take advantage of the planets.

Keyword: Boon

August – If you feel like something is looming over you, it’s because a bizarre aspect is moving into your realm. Avoid strange encounters for the next few weeks. Keep to what you know.

Keyword: Trouble

Capricorn   December 22 – January 19

July – It is all so simple and yet with each moment more is revealed to you. How blessed you are sea goat to have this understanding and wisdom. Share it!

Keyword: Plot

August – To understand the way your lover thinks, read Pisces for this month of August. There sea goat you will find their heart their soul and your treasure.

Keyword: Mirror

Aquarius   January 20 – February 18

July – Fly without reservation as if you ever have reservation. But this month adds an extended amount of freedom. Whatever you choose to pilot, you will land successfully.

Keyword: Shepherd

August – Although we are unable to look directly at our supreme leader. Fortunately we are able to look upon the creatures close to the creation. You’re one of them kid. Show us your stuff.

Keyword: Flaunt

Pisces   February 19 – March 20

July – They have come back to you. There is no doubt, there is only anticipation. This is a gift from the almighty where the impossible is made possible. Be happy!

Keyword: Recrudescence

August – Travel the multitude of the stars, count the grains of sand and view each crystal of snow with your flying Dutch; and respect your gift of eternity.

Keyword: Revere

Always with love!



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