Andriana's Article

“Savor Long Island”

East End Arts Council,
133 East Main Street, Riverhead, (631) 727-0900.

Through June 27.

Other Long Islanders may savor sunbathing golfing and shopping, but the 50 artists in this juried show are keen on farming and fishing.

Selected by Paul Wingett, owner of Galerie Pelar in Greenport, the exhibition celebrates the region's agricultural and maritime heritage.

Farm stands are a popular subject, as seen in Margery Caggiano's "Latham's, "Adelaide Amend's "White Corn” Susan Ellsworth's "Farm Stand" and Gary Parker's "Blueberries," which took a prize at the show.

Several artists, including Muriel Musarra, Anne Dula-Jeltsch and Stella Michel, zero in on specific examples of nature's bounty. Andriani Mikolaitis won a first-place award for a sensuous watercolor of "Green Peppers," and Kathleen McArdie's "Basil and Tomatoes," a still life that also features a bottle of Long Island wine, was judged best in show. Fields and gardens are attractions for many.

Marilyn Uhl's "Springtime in Orient at Latham's Farm," with its Dufy-like brushwork, is an interesting treatment. Nancy Bueti-Randall's "Peppermint Sage, Late August" is also impressionistic, emphasizing the lively abundance of high summer.Pamela Morgan's "Me and My Pickup," which won a second prize, portrays the hard work that goes into the crop.

The shoreline and boating are not neglected. Roy E. DeMayo's "Fisherman's Beach, Cutchogue" is a precise rendering of the scene, while Ms. Bueti-Randall's "Stony Brook Harbor Inlet" is less literal. Walter Hagen's "Going Fishing," Peter Varisano's "Flanders Bay No. 3" and G.T. Throne's "Port at Greenport" are further examples of artists' responses to coastal scenery.

Symbols of the region, from ducks, wine and potatoes to lighthouses, highway numbers and even a Jackson Pollock painting, are assembled in Lester Sprague's honorable-mention collage, "Long Island Is…," which might make a good poster for the whole show.

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