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Pedophile Ex-Priest Stranged In Prison.

John Geoghan, who was removed as a priest in the Boston Catholic Church area, was strangled by an imate in the prison where he was serving a sentence for molesting children.


So-Big Worm Linked To Porn File.

It is now thought that the origin of the So-Big virus now infecting XP and NT computers world-wide (Win 95, 98, Linux and Mac are not affected) began as a "check this picture" out file on an adult naked picture site or from an adult usernet group site.

We covered this ploy in the past here at Issues and we repeat to everyone: Do not open a picture, PIF, movie or similar file you find without first using an anti-virus on that item! Verify any file you get from a known person that they actually sent that file name to you!

Users foolish enough to click on something because they think they will see a "dirty picture or movie" are the most vulnerable to virus attacks!


Space Rocket Explodes In Brazil.

Brazil has been trying to get a serious space program underway since the 1990's with repeated failures. This time a rocket booster exploded on the ground, probably during a testing phases, killing 19 or more people. The rocket was supposed to launch a communications package into orbit.

Because of the location Brazil is an ideal place to launch spacecraft cheaper and with more payload. Brazil may eventually succeed in the coming years...


Terrorist Truck Bomb Hits UN Headquarters In Iraq.

At least 13 are dead, others badly hurt and the building in rubble.

The UN was in Iraq on humanitarian matters in a building largely unprotected as they are civilians here only to monitor and assist the Iraq people as much as they can. They are not a police keeping force nor a peace keeping force at this point in time.


Anatomy Of A Power Outage.

Approximate times - Eastern Standard Time in the afternoon - MISO report only
4:06 Chamberlain - Harding 345 kV line tripped - cause not reported
4:32 Hanna - Juniper 345 kV line sagged and tripped
4:41 Star - S. Canton 345 kV line tripped
4:46 Tidd - Canton Ctrl 345 kV line tripped
5:06 Sammis - Star 345 kV line tripped and reclosed
(the preceding lines are located in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio)
5:08 Power swings noted in Canada and Eastern United States
5:10 Campbell # 3 tripped ??
5:10 Hampton - Thetford 345 kV line tripped
5:10 Oneida - Majestic 345 kV line tripped
5:11 Avon Unit 9 tripped
5:11 Beaver - Davis Besse
5:11 Midway - Lemoyne - Foster 138(?) kV line tripped
5:11 Perry Unit 1 tripped
5:15 Sammis - Star 345 kV line tripped and reclosed
5:17 Fermi Nuclear tripped
5:17-15:21 Numerous lines in Michigan tripped

At this point in time so many systems are down that the existing grid can no longer function and engineers must determine which lines now work and which lines don't. If power is shunted from a different source through the faulty grid more "trips" would occur and an even wider area could go into blackout. Thus, until all the faults are discovered and closed off the power system remains down.

Issues Photo

Important note! All news services are carrying incorrect information! The faults were caused by a 345,000 volt set of line trips and not a 345 volt line as reported. A 345 volt line would be a set of 3 wires going into a commercial building to proved 3 phase current (each of these three lines going into the building is 115 volts). A 345,000 volt line is a long distance power transmission line like those you see off the highway (as pictured above from our 2001 report on the energy crunch in the Western United States).

Power to most of the North East has now been restored but rolling blackouts may continue in some selected areas.


Another Short Power Outage.

Our office in Troy, NY (near the capital, Albany) was without power for about 40 minutes this morning from 9:30 a.m. until 10:10 a.m. producing a horrible set of conditions by virtue of the coffee maker not functioning!

Apparently other parts of the country, including parts of Michigan and Ohio, were still without power as of this morning.

President Bush wants to know why so many states were hit at once and felt that the power grid need modernizing.

Many people were at a loss as to what to do without TV, computers and electric lights, however some people were smart and bought little power generators. Those $400 generators can run a few lights, while the $1,000 units can run a small apartment, including a refrigerator or air conditioner.

Our morning outage was probably part of the "rolling blackouts" that will continue, probably over the weekend, as they attempt to route power to different areas.


North East America Without Power For 5 Hours or More.

At about 4:10 today near Albany, NY the lights went brown, then out. We were just about to get on line and do some work when the computer shut down, restarted, then shut down and flickered. Our lights burned dimly at half power, the fans slowed to almost nothing in speed and then within 10 minutes all the power was out.

According to what we heard on ABC Radio the power was out from Eastern Ohio, through most of New York, part of Connecticut and New Jersey. Power was also out in parts of Ontario Canada, but not the Quebec region which is on a different power grid.

It was believed the Niagara Falls power grid was the primary place of fault. As a result of the power failure nuclear power reactors "scrambled" and shutdown, which they are programmed to do in such a condition as they require a source of direct power from the outside to run. Thus, the Niagara Falls power supply and the New York/New Jersey nuclear power supplies all gave out. Half the New York state power supply was out. There is only speculation as to what happened. Some say it was a lighting strike near Niagara Falls, others say it was a fire in Manhattan.

As of this point in time (9:30 p.m.) half of our area is back on, most of Albany is back on. By our clocks power ended at about 4:10 p.m. and came back on just as CSI was running credits for the opening of the show at around 9:05 making it not quite 5 total hours.

Fortunately power went out before the start of rush hour so most people were not in elevators, but many people were stuck in New York City electric trains for long periods of time or crawled out the side doors in the dark and made their way to safety.

Here by us things were rather calm and peaceful. Everyone outside was grumbling and calling NIMO (NIagara MOwhawk, the main power company in upstate New York). The pool hall across the street from us have their own generator (maybe we will next year) so they had their lights on and were open for business. We had candles and NiCad emergency lights that go on when the power shuts off.


Planet Mars Closest Ever To Earth

The planet Mars is about 32 million miles away and now in opposition, closest ever to the Earth in modern times. Tonight (Wednesday the 13th) it was several degrees to the right of the moon which is just past full. See picture below. Mars is the bright dot off to the right side. In the sky it is a bright pink-red. Here it seems almost white. Issues Photo by Earl R. Dingman copyright 2003. Taken with Panasonic LC-30 Digital Camera from the Issues offices.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Against Gray Davis in California
Actor-businessman Arnold Schwarzenegger announed late last night on the Tonight show that he was going to run against California Governor Gray Davis in the recall election on October 7th (unless it gets postponed as Governor Davis has asked a court to delay the recall until March of 2004).

California is one of the few states that allows for voter mandiate by "referendum" which means that the people can draft laws and if they get enough votes pass them into law, the most famous being Propostion 13 which rolled back real estate taxes. California also allow this process to set-up a recall election of the Governor.

In October voters will be asked two separate things: 1). Should Governor Davis be recalled from office? 2). Who should replace him. At least a dozen candiates will probably be on the ballot but only Arnold Schwarzenegger and publisher Larry Flint are really well known to the people as a whole.


First Gay Bishop
Rev. V. Gene Robinson became the first openly gay Episcopal bishop for the Diocese of New Hampshire.

Harris Poll Show People Support The President

By a slim majority in a recent Harris Poll President Bush was found to have picked up a little more support than he had the day he was elected. If an election were held today he would clearly win by several more points than before. People generally feel his economic and military directions are good for the country.

A majority of people also feel that current employment and economics within the United States are not all that good, but feel that in the near future both will get better.

In most of these instances there was only a slim majority of only a few percentage points. About 36% of the people who took the poll were Republicans and 34% Democrats. About 42% of the people called themselves a "moderate," while 25% called themselves a "conservative" and only 19% said they were "liberals."

Also about 60% of Americans term themselves Christians, 3% as Jewish, less than 1% as Muslims or Hindu, but about 12% of the people polled declared themselves to be of a religious believe other than those mentioned, while 15% had no religion and 6% declined to state what religion.

Spoils of War

We learned about this photograph (don't know how long the hosting site will keep it up for view so if it's blank it got pulled) of a mural which shows Saddam smoking a cigar next to the burning World Trade Center towers. Also in the painting is fire and what seems to be a plane going into the building.

If this picture is not a hoax (and it doesn't seem to be based on our examination of the photograph) it makes you kinda wonder...


Cine Movil NY

Open-air Cinema - Summer 2003
July 23 thru August 6

-- Wednesday, August 6th at Socrates Sculpture Park

As part of the Cinema Tropical Summer Film Series, Cinema Tropical, Socrates Sculpture Park and Ocularis proudly present - New York City's 2nd annual open air festival showcasing world-class Latin American films, food, culture and music.

During the heyday of the U.S. drive-in, people drove to see movies on the big screen. In rural parts of Latin America, the Cine Movil (mobile cinema) drove to the people, presenting outdoor screenings in plazas and parks. Cine Movil brings this popular tradition to New York with three nights of exemplary Latin American films screened under the stars.

Visit Ocularis for a full listing of current screenings.

Wednesday, August 6th at Socrates Sculpture Park

Broadway at Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City. Located on the Queens Waterfront. N or W train to Broadway stop in Queens, walk eight blocks toward the East River. Visit or call (718) 956- 1819 for directions and rain location.

7:00pm: Rock contemporaneo en espanol by Argentos. The intense alchemy of Argentos has shaken the dance floors of Buenos Aires' hottest clubs.

At sunset: Nueva Reinas/ Nine Queens Directed by Fabian Bielinksky (Argentina, 2001, 115min., In Spanish with English subtitles. Not Rated.) Two small-time swindlers team up after meeting in a convenience store and become involved in a half million-dollar deal. This once-in-a-lifetime scheme then seemingly falls in their laps - an old time con enlists them to sell a forged set of extremely valuable stamps, The Nine Queens. As deceptions and duplicity mount, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out who is conning whom, and who isn't a thief.

This event is produced by Socrates Sculpture Park as part of On The Waterfront in collaboration with the American Museum of the Moving Image and Partnerships for Parks, and is made possible by The J.M. Kaplan Fund.

U.S. To pay 30 Million to Saddam Informant

The U.S. has approved the reward of $15 million dollars for each of Saddam's sons who were killed in a gunbattle.

This is the largest single payment every made for a terrorist information. Prior to this the U.S. had already paid out nearly $10 million in rewards for information leading to terrorist subjects.


Vatican Going Against Legalizing Gay Marriages

The Pope and the Vatican, representing the world Catholic church, is about to issue official guidelines for dealing with the poltically charged issues and the current liberalized attitudes towards sam sex unions. Previously the Pope has stated that gay marriages, abortion and euthanasia indiciating the view and policies of the church are not up for negociations.

The official view of the church is not to discriminate against homosexuals, but also not to sanction martial states for same sex parties.

This set of rules to be issued will tell Catholic politicians, clergy, general members and lobbists how they should deal with these matters when they come up for votes and debates.

The church is expected to oppose actively any laws making such unions legal, however most legalization has been coming as a result of court actions which make such matters possible even when lawmakers oppose them.

Bob Hope Dies

The icon to billions around the world died last night from pneumonia, he was 100. He was generally active until recent times. He took a USO show tour to the previous Gulf War (he's been doing these since the 1940's). He was an endorsee for K-Mart. He was an avid golfer who started his own professional tournament. He once owned most of the Toluca Lake region of the San Fernando Valley, which he bought as vacant fields in the 1940's.

He made many movies and was on television with his own show for years. His most famous films were those with crooner Bing Crosby known as the "Road" pictures, because they always at "Road to..." in the title.

Hope started on Vaudeville (Music Hall to those of you in the UK), which was live stage, much like the comedy clubs we have today. He then started making sound shorts in the 1930's and 40's for Paramount and others.

Nederland Music Festival August 2nd

Greetings from Nederland, Colorado...

The fifth annual Nederland Music & Arts Festival is only one week away and the line up is simply amazing! Saturday, August 2nd will feature Victor Wooten, the outrageous bass player from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, who will perform both solo and with Nederland Acid Jazz. Also on Saturday's bill is Garaj Mahal (with Kai Eckhardt, Fareed Haque, Alan Hertz & Eric Levy), The Motet, Vinyl, Black Frames (featuring saxophonist Skerik from Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, etc), and Minnesota's WookieFoot.

Sunday, August 3rd will see the likes of Robert Walter's 20th Congress (featuring Will Bernard), Tony Furtado & The American Gypsies, The Big Wu, Shanti Groove, Matt Flinner / Ross Martin Band, and the Boulder-based Possum Logic.

NedFest is a grassroots music festival with a focus on bluegrass, jazz and world beat music. There is continual music from the best local and national bands, great food and drink, arts and craft vendors, children’s activities and a whole lot more. It happens on the shores of Barker Reservoir nestled in the mountains of beautiful Nederland, Colorado... only 17 miles from (3,000 ft above) Boulder.

Throughout the weekend there will be a series of 20-minute 'tweener sets including Leftover Salmon's Noam Pikelny, John & Bill McKay, Papa Mali, Single Malt Band, John 'Blackdog' Ridnell, Wayfarers, Patrick Latella, Cameron Byers, Sambe Dende and more!

The intimate, casual event has a capacity of only 2,000 tickets but surprisingly has never sold out. Therefore, if you don't get tickets in advance it's a pretty safe bet that you can just come up the day of show and get them at the Box Office. Prices are lower this year than in the past... Advance Weekend Passes are just 52 bucks... that's for TWO FULL 10-HOUR DAYS featuring 12 top-shelf bands PLUS a dozen fun 'tweener acts... all for the same price or less than one three-hour evening with some huge act in a big corporate venue! Plus, LOW or NO service charge (depending on where you get them), NO parking fees, and kids under 10 get in FREE... making NedFest a no-brainer addition to your summer schedule! Advance Single Day Tickets are only $ 28.

Please forward this e-mail on to anyone you think might be interested!!!

We're ready for ya!

Gates open @ 10 AM / Music @ 11 AM - rain or shine. Sorry, no doggies.

** Visit for tons more info! **
- Band Descriptions and Schedule are listed on the website. -
- Schedule is subject to change! -
Via Telephone or Walk-Up at
The Boulder Theater Box Office
2032 14th Street, Boulder; (303) 786-7030
In Denver at
Quixotes True Blue Cafe
7 S. Broadway; (720) 570-8249
In Nederland at
The Tungsten Grill
155 Hwy. 119; (303) 258-9231
In Boulder at
Redstone Meadery
4700 Pearl St. Unit 2-A; (720) 406-1215


NedFest 2003 is Sponsored by:
KGNU 88.5 FM - The Mountain-Ear - Boulder Weekly
Twisted Pine Brewing Company - Redstone Meadery - Cork Broker - Kinko's - Planetmind Internetworks - The Marquee - Quixote's True Blue Cafe - Back Country Pizza - Indian Peaks Natural Spring Water - Dr. Fix It Foreign Car Repair - DayO Knight Design - - Colorado Triathlete Magazine - Nederland Chamber of Commerce - Teens, Inc. - Nederland Music Association - Rocky Mountain Bullhorn - CageFree Records - Judson Hite, Atty

Well, that's about it for now. I'll be real busy for the next week or so. It's crunch time!

See you at the Feessssttttiiiivvvaal!!!

Peace, love and laughter,


Michigan Mike Presents...
PO BOX 830; Nederland, Colorado 80466
(303) 415-KOOL (5665)
Michigan Mike Presents...
Nederland Music and Arts Festival
Nederland Music Association
Nederland Acid Jazz

Two Shot Dead In New City Council Meeting

At NY City Hall someone started shooting on a balcony as a City Council Meeting was happeneing. Two people are confirmed dead, one is Coucilman James Davis, a Minister, former prison guard and policeman who is anti-violent and anti-gun. The other man, Othniel Askew, was a guest of Davis who was attending the meeting. Askew was intending to run gainst Davis in the next election. Askew was not searched for a weapon because he was a guest of the councilman. Askew pulled out what appears to be a machine pistol and shot Davis dead. Police then shot and killed Askew. Starting immediately all persons, including the Mayor, will be searched before entering City Hall.

Saddam's Sons Killed

It's been confirmed that two son's of the ousted Iraqi leader have been killed in a raid.

First Space Wedding Planned

Well, half of it at least. Malenchenko Dmitritv is a Russian space guy who is stuck in orbit until October and wants to marry Ekaterina before then. So it will either be done by phone or proxy (she's in Texas). They will later have a Russian church wedding in a more formal manner.

New Iraqui Government To Meet Sunday

While the U.S. retains veto powers, at new and somewhat interim goverment representing the various religious factions in Iraq in the numbers roughly equal to the population they represent will commence their first meeting to begin "business as usual" in a new Iraq on Sunday.

Some Women May Ovulate More Than Once A Month

A new Canadian study may re-write the text books of human sexuality. In an intense ultra sound study of women it was found than an occasional woman may produce more than one ripened egg in a 28 day cycle.

Part of the Intelligence of Iraq Weapons Was Forged

It was told today that some of the intelligence information used as a preamble to the invasion of Iraq was probably forged. Furthermore this information was known to members of the intelligence community last year, despite the fact that President Bush used this forged information in his State of the Union address with no known update from within the CIA and other intelligence bodies who should have warned him the information presented was more than likely bogus.

NASA Apparently Withheld Previous Wing Damage Events

Obtaining documents under the Freedom of Information Act, the press learned today that the Shuttle Atlantis received internal wing heat damage in the year 2000. At that time NASA had the shit re-enter the Earth using a special path to lessen the amount of heat. This was not widely known outside of NASA, including among the Astronauts who were on that flight who gave no indication today that they were told any of this by NASA at the time nor later. The heat was strong enough to melt titanium parts inside the wing (3,000 degrees).

At that time the damage was caused by a faulty seal which prompted correction measure by NASA officials.

U.S. Celebrates Independence Day

This is the day we kicked the British out of the country and told them not to come back without a passport (and until they learned to speak Merican). We were tired of paying taxes to London, so we created Washington who now collects our taxes...

Above Issues Photos taken from our offices in Troy, NY.

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