Earthquakes Trigger Earthquakes?

This has been a pet theory of mine that comes from about 15 or 20 years of observation. No, I’m not a scientist, but in view of how often the weather service gets things wrong and how frequently seismologists, with their 8 years of college and doctorate degrees, boldly say “the big one is coming” I don’t feel all that unsure putting forth my theory, which I’ve published twice here at Issues in the “update” section.

My observations are quite simple: Whenever a very major earthquake strikes, generally 6 or larger on the Richter scale, I have noted that within 25 to 50 days after the quake that either volcanic activity increases or another major earthquake occurs somewhere on the opposite side of the world.

The physical logic comes from two accepted process: Wave propagation theory and the laws of motion as defined by Sir Isaac Newton. Most specifically Newton’s statements that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

It’s is widely known and predictable that if an earthquake occurs in the ocean an event called a “tsunami” occurs. This is a large wave of gigantic “tidal wave” proportions and surfers go to the beaches during the prediction period in hopes of catching one of these waves.

There is also a theory that nearby quakes can trigger other quakes in a domino type of equation. This was mentioned after the Chilean quake by Prof. Vasile Marza of the University of Brasilia's Seismology Observatory. It is termed remote quake triggering.

I take this a step further. It’s my "something has to give" theory about Earthquakes.

I was recently walking across a bridge that goes over the Hudson river. Whenever a big truck or bus rolls over the bridge the whole structure shakes. This is a sympathetic vibration. A bridge in Washington state once collapsed the moment a car started across it after the ribbon cutting ceremony. That car triggered a sympathetic vibration that caused waves to be generated, making the bridge structure ripple and eventually tearing it apart.

One automobile travelling at a few miles an hour for a few feet caused a major structure to ripple and collapse. One need only view the newsreel footage of that event to be amazed at the power of sympathetic wave propagation moving across a structure, building more power logarithmically long after the car stopped moving.

Those waves not only propagated, they amplified. The car stopped, the driver exited and people ran for their lives as the sine waves pulsated along the structure kept moving, building, back and forth, back and forth like a reverberation inside of a gymnasium that builds up to such a power that you can’t hear anything but the roar of voices.

There’s another aspect of the gymnasium effect that I do know something scientifically, as I was an audio engineer. It’s a phenomenon of “standing waves” known as dead spots. Spots where you stand and there is a total absence of sound caused by two like waves melding and canceling each other out. That make noise blocking heaphones using this process. A wave is generated inside the ear cups that counters incoming sound waves from jet engines. It creates a sonic dead zone that provides over 120 decibles of noise reduction.

That’s Newton’s law in action. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Two waves meeting at a central point after coming from opposite directions, possesing equal strength. They meet, merge and cancel themselves if the phase angle is correct.

We apply things like this in the studio to make items like “bass traps” with are like little cafe tables tilted and set on the floor with the pedestal affixed to the wall. These devices break-up bass wave build-up reflecting off the walls.
Now, my conclusions are thus:

Major, major earthquakes (6 or above) that endure for more than a few seconds propagate waves in all directions, but with some amount of bias based on the direction of the shift, the direction of debris fall and medium. Several general mediums occur naturally. Deep Earth mantle, which is probably largely responsible for directed wave propagation or at least compression caused by earthquakes, softer sands and Earth, fresh water, salt water (each type of water has different wave transmission properties) and air.

Waves are complex structures with over and undertones known as harmonics. Some waves have more power than others. Low frequencies rumble and shake. High frequencies (microwaves) can cause heat. Earthquakes are generally of lower frequencies.

When waves find a complimentary or sympathetic medium they are capable of continual propagation and even amplification, as demonstrated by the bridge in Washington where a small vibration got totally out of control. Cause (a little car moving at a few miles per our) and effect (the bridge rippling and buckeling) were astronomically different in magnitude from each other.

Waves travel and cause a directional effect. They can cause a compression on the molten core of the Earth and even continue moving through it and out the other side, although they would change form, strength and probably wouldn’t be as sympathetic as in hard mantle.

This causes some type of pressure or direct wave force on the opposite side of the globe, seeking out the weakest spot in the area. This is where gambling comes in, no severe weak spot means the waves come to the surface with minimal harm. There is, however, strong likelihood that there is a fault area or volcanic mound that will exhibit disturbances caused by events last month on the other side of the globe. The odds favor this factor. The Earth, as a whole, is very seismeically active.

Cause and effect that I’ve kept track of, devising my time frame of 25 to 50 days, which closely lies around the one month mark, meaning that waves or pressures stress seem to travel, bend or otherwise flex at about 10 miles per hour in speed through the Earth.

The reason that "counter quakes" on the otherside don't cause a domino effect could be because of the upward pressure of the triggering quake -- those "standing waves" under the ground. New waves passing through the old waves that meet resistance and are broken up to a degree, thus they lack the power to do any super serious damange on the other side. So like a reveration without a constant source of wave generation the slap back decreases and decays with time and distance. The new waves from the triggered quake meet up with residual old waves from the quake which served at the trigger and some cancellation occurs.

Back in the late 1980s I first put forth a theory on weather patterns in Los Angeles based upon similar observations and saw a 7 to 15 year cycle between drought (4” of rain) and wetness (30” of rain), but I also noted some unexplained spikes occurring in some drought years. Nonetheless weather experts started saying the same thing in the late 1990s. I saw this cycles almost 10 years earlier than the official announcement.

That observation on weather came from a Los Angeles Times Bar Chart of rainfall. That chart, when viewed sideways, clearly show a wave form cycle that existed since the late 1800s when they started measuring the rainfall. The clear, regular interval slopes and valleys of sine wave generated showed me that there was rhyme and reason to the cycle of weather in Los Angeles, which can be predicted. This would allow water purchases to be increased well in advance of drought years and reduced as a new wet cycle occurs.

My feelings on this Earthquake cause and effect have a similar good feeling inside of my mind, so I took the liberty of committing to print late last year here at Issues and again last month with the Algeria quake that coincided with both quakes in Brazil and Chile 30 and 31 days later. I feel strong enough on this to issue advanced warnings that the hemisphere at least be on the look-out for a disaster next month.

In the natural order of things related to Newton it should also be noted that in a given month when one type of eclipse occurs (of the moon or sun) the following month the other type of eclipse happens. This month we had a solar eclipse. Last month we had a lunar eclipse. This is because the angle of include endures for a month or more.

My Earthquake conclusions are, of course, hypothetical but based on observations or empirical data. The scientific community isn’t allowed to be as liberal in their postulations as a lay person. So today I put forth my views, in our Editorial and Rant section, as the ramblings of a neophyte. Take it for what you will, next time you see a very major Earthquake count the days and look for another quake or volcano to erupt on the other side of the globe and lets test out my pet theory!

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