Pictures Wanted For Covers or Inside Use

No pay for the on-line use but you do get photo credit and model credit in a ISSN publication. We can also provide you with a free electronic PDF file of your picture location via e-mail attachment on request.

We must have a simple, signed, hard copy model and photographer release stating it is ok to use the images promotionally in perpetuity on a non-exclusive basis, along with the credit lines and copyright information.

Photo by Calvin Childs
For models under 18 years of age this must include a signature from parent or guardian.

Promotional picture provided by performers and their publicists are used freely and regularly in newspapers or magazines, with no fee or payment so long as they are tied-in to an article, profile or plug for the celebrity somewhere inside the magazine. This in the last September issue we used actors Natashia Williams, Natasha Henstridge and Kristen Miller in their promotional shot for the NBC show "She Spies" as part of our Digital Video and Television Special issue.

This is the same type of situation. We regularly need pictures for use on covers and our main pages to tie-in with our articles.

This means be creative. We might, for example, use GhettoSongBird’s promotional shot (Photo by Calvin Childs is pictued at right) on next year’s Music Special cover as she’s holding a guitar, she’s an active musician and performer. It’s good publicity for her and it solves our cover story illustration problem.

Be creative, we rarely use just a pretty girl on the cover (this month singer, actor, model Clarissa J Rawkis is pictured because it is a model special) but if you’re holding a CD we can use it to illustrate software, CD burners, DVD burners and other technology or entertainment stories. If you’re working a mouse or keyboard we can use it for computer related stories. A girl and guy together can be used for a Valentines issue romance piece. Put on a walkman set of headphones and smile, maybe we'll do a profile on portable music players! A swim suit with a good tan and you'd have been our "Air Brush Tanning" illustration in this issue! You with a glass of wine or other beverage in your hand fits Food and Drink for our Lifestyles section. A shot at a more formal dinner table could be use for our Holiday issue or in our food section.

Get the idea? Not only can we use shots like this, but many, many smaller magazine always need artwork they have clearance to use. You might want to put a CD-R together of various shots. Print magazines will need much larger image files, generally 1600 x 1600 pixels (10 x 10) at 96 DPI for digital or 300 DPI for scanned film photos. This means you need a digital camera with 3 to 5 Mega Pixels or a 6 x 6 film camera. We want them smaller, as we have file size problems. Print magazines may also want them in TARGA or TIFF format as well as JPG. Targa images have no compression. Also keep your file names to under 8 characters with only a 3 character extension so they are Mac and PC compatible.

You want to be a model? You have to start somewhere!

Send small JPG images (500 pixels maximum in any one direction, keep the file size under 150 Kb if you can) to:

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