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Don't buy that popcorn just yet. It might not be worth the money to go see the 'Hulk'. We went to see it the other day and to say that I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

While an okay movie it was not as fun as I thought it would be from the trailers and previews that I have seen. Not that that is the fault of the actors but it was more of a comic book story than it was a story about something that happened to a real person. And I am sorry but to see all the clothes rip off except for those pants that seem to remember what size they are supposed to be between the change from Banner to the Hulk and then back again was a bit much even with my imagination. That works for the comic book but it didn't work for the movie.

The computer graphics were great though you still could tell the hulk and the dogs with a thyroid condition were not real but more cartoony. The action was great but still it lacked pizazz.

Nick Nolte was fantastic as Banner's father. I can't remember when I have seen him do such a great performance. He was amazing! And Eric Bana as Banner was pretty good also.

If you have to see this then I suggest you wait for the rental. Not worth the price of that expensive popcorn. I did like the ending when Banner looked at the guerilla and says, "You won't like it when I get angry." That was classic!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman
This starts with action from the very beginning. A tank blows up a bank in London! A tank in 1899! And all the bad guys speak German. In Germany these same guys blow up a zepplin factory and speak only English. In both instances only one of the citizens involved is left alive to tell the tale.

The mastermind is a man in a silver mask carrying a cane with a silver skull cap. He glares from one eye that seems to be surrounded with red damaged skin as if he has been in a bad accident. Maybe driving tanks in 1899?

To save the world from disaster before countries go to war a league of extraordinary people are brought together who each have a special 'talent'. A hunter, an immortal, a vampire, an invisible man, Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll, and a spy! What a group they are, too!

Each extradordinary gentleman (the vampire is a beautiful female) has their own dark secret and fear. They each in their own turn come to face their secrets in time. The group come to terms with each other and for the good of the world work together as a well oiled machine but not without a little trepidation at the beginning.

Full of extraordinary special effects this movie is so full of action you are either hanging on to the edge of your seat or staring with mouth open in astonishment. The fantastic effect of Dr. Jekyll was amazing and so good that you can almost believe that it could really happen. The Nautilus was also another fantastic prop and special effect. A huge sword shaped submarine that can slice through and under the water like a hot knife through butter.

The actors, with Sean Connery, were great in this. The detail they took to their characters was intense and very believable. Kudos to the cast! You were amazing! Kudos also go to the rest of the crew. Good job!

There are a few twists and turns to the plot that took me by surprise. I like it when a movie can surprise me! This movie is worth its weight in that expensive popcorn and you are going to need the big bucket. Well worth the money for the tickets!
Lance Vermont--

The Recruit-movie review
This suspense driven movie had me wondering almost to the very end, and that isn't usually the case. You didn't know who was doing it to who for why.

Al Pacino was of course brilliant in this with Colin Farrell right on his heels of brilliancy. Al is one of the greatest actors of our time so it was no wonder he pulled off his part as the C.I.A.' s recruiter.

Colin Farrell, one of the better actors of his generation, does a remarkably grand job as James Clayton, the recruit. We have been keeping an eye on him since we saw him in "Daredevil" as Bullseye. He is definitely one of the hottest actors of this century!

The story in itself had so many twists and turns that one minute you knew who was doing it, to the next minute you're not so sure. The action and suspense was set at just the right level and kudos go out to the writer(s), director, and the actors. Bravo!

The scenes were flawlessly executed and the follow through was amazing. I highly recommend this one. It is well worth the price of the popcorn!

-- Lance Vermont

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